Long rides that are not technically brevets but could be if they really wanted to.

Sometimes I sit on my bike all day and end up very far from home. Then later. I do it again but I end up at home.

Crazy how it be.



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That French ride with 5,000 of your closest friends isn’t everyone’s randonerdery goal.

A domestic 1200? A rando series in every club in your region? I mean, there are other goals to have.

Yes! But an unsanctioned 1200k is just as good, as is an unsanctioned series; Doing it for credit, or for hanging out with friends, is lovely, but there’s something to be said for making up a route, then wheeling out the bicycle and doing a nice relaxing 600k loop all by yourself.

As long as you finish in 40hrs?

Well, yes, otherwise it’d be a DQ. Gotta keep the important rules and regulations otherwise it wouldn’t be randonneuring.


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