Looking for 1” threadless canti fork

eBays been coming up empty for weeks. Let me know if you have something.

Last time I was looking for one I had to get a threaded fork with a very long steerer and just lop the threads off.

Maybe call Surly and see if they have any 1" crosscheck forks still laying about? (Not on their website any more).

Edit: like this thing. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Road-Bike-Rigid-Steel-700c-Bicycle-Fork-w-Cantilever-Bosses-1-Threaded-Chrome/192900800341?hash=item2ce9c89f55:g:IAoAAOSwqBJXVdsC

i’m assuming you are looking for something cheap?

what tire/wheelbrow clearance do you need?

i did not know i could do this.

yeah probably like to spend $100 or less, barring any neat custom forks that i come across (none of those yet)

ideally 700x35.

dang, I will have a black Surly Cross Check 1" threadless fork ready to be recycled soon

how much steerer do you need and how soon do you need it?

looks like i need about 8.5".

and not very soon.

well you see mister carpet peddler I don’t even think I’ve even got seven unthreaded inches for you


i thank you for your time.

i have only ever owned one of these things. it came on an empella bonfire cx bike, circa like…2005? it was only compatible with a very particular campy record headset. don’t buy that one.

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oh snap. ill probably just buy that.

I might have something nicer for you

do you want low-trail and/or fancy front rack mounting ability?

I don’t need either one of those things but I also don’t not need them.

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That’s the kind of thing I would totally hoard, if you’re not going to.

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I’m in the market for something similar to what mr. Pubes wants; But I need a 1" threadless fork that takes a mid reach caliper brake and has a shit ton of steerer tube. No fucking way I am paying custom money for this stupid project; Anyone holding?

this is recessed for medium reach brakes, 65mm offset, has bonus M6 rack mounts on top, and also canti studs

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sold the last 1" used winwood carbon canti fork i had for >$100 the better part of a decade ago.