looking for shimano 11s cranks (or rings)

i have some very nice 6800 cranks…with a 46/36.
fortunately/unfortunately, i started a Downhill KOM challenge with my loosely organized cycling team
this means having a 46 ring is not optimal
i need a bigger ring, or different cranks
who got stuff?

I might have a set, let me look.


how much $ to buy them from you?

$50 shipped seem right?
Shipping for me is an interesting process, wherein i have to email labels to my mom on the east coast and have her print and mail them to me on the west coast before i can send anything.


no printer or local friends with a printer?

patch’s mom joke?

I print everything at the library. no library.

Even local folks would have to mail it to me, and cross country shipping hasn’t been much slower than local deelivery right now.

I could ask our neighbors, but i’d rather save those favors for something that actually matters.

Seems like you should invest in a printer.

seems like it’s not at all a big enough deal for that

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i don’t print a ton and am stoked on my cheap laser printer. ink can’t dry up if it’s just dry plastic


Ok, we’ll do a video tour and you guys can show me where i can put a
printer, where using it is easier than riding 6 blocks to the library, which is next to the post office.
Our “home office” is already a folding table, and i can print 1100 pages for the cost of whatever the wirecutter recommends

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I have a 56t 110 BCD ring. I’ve used it with 10speed chain but not 11. Shifting onto it needs to be mellow, it doesn’t have much in the way of ramps or pins, I think it might even be from the 8s era. It was silver, I used a dykem marker to make it black looks OK from 10’.

As seen here:

I also have a no-cutouts TT style SRAM 130bcd 54t 10s ring. I’ll get a pic.

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unfortunately my stuff is 4 arm ultegra so neither will work :frowning: sorry

As of tomorrow I will have a set of 52/36 105 rings that I would like to replace with 50/34…

I have a brand new set of takeoff 52/36 Ultegra rings…but Shimano sucks and I can’t remember right now if they are 6800 or R8000 because mfers are not actually compatible. I want to say 6800 though. If it’s worth $50 to you DM me and I’ll look tomorrow when I’m back in the shop.