Looking to buy/build a new bike.

im looking to buy or build a new bike. Any suggestions on the parts i should get? i have $500 to spend…

also, is a steel frame good? or is alu better?

buy something with shimano 600/ultegra/dura ace components
campy is good, but usually a bit more on the expensive side
steel is real, believe the hype
look for reynolds or columbus tubing
brand names don’t matter a whole bunch, but it’s usually good to do some research.


if you’re looking at building up a single speed/fixed gear bike
buy an eighth inch scrambler frame, best deal for the money
buy wheels from bicyclewheels.com
buy some sram s100s
pretty much the rest can be bought from community bike shops/used bike shops

also, eat a bag of dicks.

haha! thanks for that one! i found this on craigslist…

Fixed Gear Bike
53cm frame
Azuki Japanese road frame
16t Cog and ~ 50t crank
Kenda rear wheel

any good to fix it?

How much does he want for it?

dont buy that piece of shit and do what pwr said

that looks like the high-end SRAM YELLOW crankset, pedals, front wheel and stem. it’s a great deal at any price

That bike is worth $100 max. Any more, and you got ripped off and are about to enter a huge money pit which will eventually end up with “upgrading” to a bike like the one people here are going to tell you to buy.

Get a Kilo TT.

Troll or just newb?

Fucking order a kilo for $300 and ride the shit out of it, come back to us in a couple of years when you’ve learned a thing or two about bikes.

if there is anything ive learned from this forum that i can give you advice from… its go to bikeforums and search. ask when you really cant find the answer. then come here to verify answer. tarck-guru’s will beat you mercilessly but will offer good advice.

but i think the op should buy a bike off craigs. get ripped off. fix the bike. learn from his mistakes. then come here.

Umar, between this and the pics of the Trek, you’re really shapin’ up. Good job!

dude asked for $250.

bikes suck. don’t ride one.

Nah, ride one, just not that one.

that bike looks like herpes.

thanks :slight_smile: been doing a lot of reading and less talking. which i highly advise to the newbies. i just wish i had more money to play with :confused: but oh well. i gotta work with what i got.

Be a good influence on your friend Sol, please. Your Trek looks great by the way. Enjoy those Matix rims, they are bitch when it comes to tires, especially Continentals.

Be a good influence on your friend Sol, please. Your Trek looks great by the way. Enjoy those Matix rims, they are bitch when it comes to tires, especially Continentals.[/quote]

lol i think sol cant be unsol’d. and yes, fucking tell me about it!! i broke 2 levers, used 4 patches and threw away a tube trying to get some specialized tires and tubes i bought from my lbs.

Everyone complains about mounting tires on matrix rims but I ran 4seasons on a set of them for a year and I could mount them with my thumbs.

i’m just guessing, but i think after a year or 20 flats, whichever comes first, tarckmar will get the hang of it. i used to break levers on all sorts of rims and tires, then i learned about where to place the first bead and how to get decent leverage with my thumbs, i’m not mounting matix’s, but it’s no prob anymore.