Loons you meet cycling

Met this guy (watch it! it’s something else) waiting for a drawbridge to close across the Calumet River yesterday. He gave me a business card and did the same foaming at the mouth bit while talking about politics. Was too polite to drop him for a couple of miles and so heard all about his plans to get Dominick’s supermarkets to stop stocking Hershey’s by having hundreds of people go into their stores on busy weekend days and spend .50 apiece, clogging up their checkout line.

____ story bro.

Once I met a crazy lady while riding a bike. I’ll go start a new thread

did she have a needlenose headset?

she had a methamphetamine headset

that kid makes me sad. He reminds me of all those fucking dorks you meet at swap meets. Except those dorks are 40 and hate their wives and their beer gut.

TC: I thought that was a girl.

That kid reminds me of the evangelists at church when I was growing up.

loons aren’t so bad really

I heard a loon calling last summer while riding over a mountain pass in the dead of night. It was a very haunting, beautiful sound.