Lurker with foot problems

So I’ve been lurking bikeforums and this forum for a while now and have never really felt the need to post any questions until now. I was riding my dad’s old road bike since junior high, and even though it was always too big for me, I road it till it fell apart at the lugs. I never used foot retention and always rode in the same gear or two. When it finally broke, I decided to buy an IRO mark V. It took me a while to get it tweaked enough to feel right, but for the most part I’m there. The problem is that no matter what I do my right foot starts hurting ten minutes into my ride and doesn’t let up the rest of the ride. It’s almost like a hot spot pain in the very right along the ball of my right foot. I love having foot retention, especially clips and straps (for being able to walk around when not on the bike), that I don’t want to give it up now that I’ve been riding with it. I have tried all sorts of things. I’ve tried different shoes from Chuck T’s to Sambas to Onitsuka Tigers to clunky tennis shoes. I’ve switched out my pedals from MKS GR9’s to Slyvan road’s. I’ve tried MKS clips, both large and extra large, half clips, and also Soma Oppy’s, with singles and with the blickblocks double strap method. I even tried a pair of Power Grips to no avail. Even when I ride with no foot retention my foot hurts, it just takes longer for me to feel the pain. I really don’t want to drop the cash to go clipless, but I think it might be my last resort. If I do I’ll definitely try them out first, but what if that doesn’t fix the problem? I do have wide feet, but they’re really not that wide, and I have both wide and regular sized shoes. Nothing works, and pretty soon I might just cry. So since none of you fine persons of Tarckbike would ever take enjoyment out of seeing a fellow human being suffer, I implore you to help me with the bane of my cycling existence.

Sorry for such a long first post, I’ve held this all in for so long.

It sounds to me like it may be time for some orthotics or maybe see a podiatrist.

you may have some luck going clipless. see if you can find anything used locally (where are you?) so you can give it a try without spending too much (or hit up nashbar).

but you should see a foot doctor.

maybe see if you can find an old pair of cycling shoes, with really stiff soles.

go see a podiatrist

is cycling the only thing that hurts your foot?

Have you tried adjusting the clips/straps side to side at all. I’m no doctor but I would guess it has something to do with the difference between how you normally stand and how you pedal. Could be some kind of toe in toe out deal where you just aren’t keeping your foot at the right angle on the pedals, in which case clipless definitely wouldn’t help. I would recommend seeing a doctor, and then going to a LBS about implementing the plan.

google something like - bike “hot foot”

Welcome OP. Ya… foot doctor would do you good. My gf is a nurse with her own foot problem and she has this thing where blood vessels somehow constrict and go outside the veins or something creating like a weird painful hot spot on her foot and the “fix” (its still not fixed) is cortisone or steroid shots into her foot. That being said your problem could be more then a bike thing or hot spot on your foot, it could be some blood issue rearing its head there etc… I would say definitely hit up a doctor.

Are your shoes too tight? My feet swell a bit during exercise. If I pull the straps too tight I can end up with some discomfort. I would also urge you to ditch the Chuck Ts and Sambas. The sole is very soft and flexible. That doesn’t mix well with biking for me.

Wow, thanks for all of the replies. The only other time I have these problems is when I’m walk mowing really fast (self-propelled) at the golf course I work at. I have no idea if or how that would be related. I checked out the shoe threads, but didn’t get a good idea of a non-cycling shoe with a thick sole. I pretty much ride with Onitsuka Tigers now. I’ve tried angling my foot differently and adjusting the straps. Most of my shoes, if they aren’t wides, are a half or full size larger to accommodate for my wide feet. I’m open to suggestions on shoes, but you’re all probably right about seeing a doctor. Just wish I had some insurance. I’m not totally against getting some clipless, but around here (Fort Wayne, IN represent, God, I hate this place!) it’s pretty hard to find anything used thats bike related and not from walmart. LBS’s cheapest shoes are like 80 bucks. I’d try Nashbar, but I really want to try a pair on first. Thanks for all of the suggestions, I need to sell some plasma to go see a doctor now.

Just saw the conversiondex thread. Maybe I should build up a conversion and sell it for some orthopedic care.

Sounds like a firm business plan. Go for it. I suggest moving to a city like LA, San Fran, Portland, or Boston.

Or you could sell to a suburb thats not saturated with over priced conversions yet.