Luxos U Warranty Chat


Also… I swear my edelux runs just a little brighter and fires better as walking pace hooked up to the SON over the SP. Am I nuts?


Are we talking about the same kaisei that has tubesets on compass’ website?




My IQ definitely fired up a bit sooner with Son over SP. Same thing, walking speeds so I’m not too concerned.

Schmidt has to get centerlock 15mm going. I wonder if it’s an internal design limitation. Don’t know what bearing ID they use.


[quote=JUGE FREDD]
but there was also rumor of a factory shakeup at SP in the last couple years, so these could be coming off an old production line (notable that the TA hubs are missing from their lineup)[/quote]

I hope that’s not the case. I have to build a wheel for a shop and since the 6 bolt QR in black was out of stock I told them I can get the Kasai instead.

Any other US dist for SP?


dude you can buy wholesale from SP yourself cheaper than Merry, and shipping from Taiwan isn’t an issue

IIRC cheaper than their price on the Kasai crap too

and you better believe Merry picked that name for deliberate confusion with the actually-Japanese Kaisei


Looking into…


I’m putting an order together for SP hubs. email me if you want in. I have to do it in the next day or two (tops).


Anyone here use a dh-3n80 on a 20" wheel? Getting one of those Crust cargo forks and don’t want to buy a new hub. From what I’ve gathered, it will work but not as well as the SP or Son 20" specific hubs. Don’t really care about drag as this thing will never be ridden for more than 10 miles at a time.


Should be fine if you don’t care about drag


it will just start putting out full power at a lower speed

perfectly great for cargo dithering


Turn signal design is pretty cute. Still can’t believe they fit all the generator components in that brake shoe.


i’ve got a cyo w/ snap’d mount.
what’s the best solution for dangling it under a steel basket?


Disassemble, drill the metal heat sink and create a hanging mount. Piggyback your mount to whatever the rack struts holding the basket go to, or if they are steel wald struts you can drill anywhere and mount it there.


It’s pretty wild that there are about 50 variations on the B&M Cyo but they never considered extruding a mounting hole on the headsink like that.


What is it with German companies and having 50 variants of essentially the same product?


Thanks Jimmy
Deutsch folks want options.


agreed. they still have not figured out that anyone could possibly want to mount a light anywhere other than where the engineers intend it to be mounted


anyone have experience with SP warranty? i prob my have 2.5k miles on a pd8x and the bearings feel like doodoo. pretty not super stoked on that.


you have to unlace the wheel

but the turnaround to/from Taiwan is real quick and easy