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I live in fear of this day.


If the nipples aren’t rounded to shit, building/unbuilding wheels is a pleasant job imo. Therapeutic.


That’s probably true if you don’t do it for a living, and if you happen to have an extra 650b dynamo wheel laying around which you can ride while your other one is en route to Taiwan.


Did someone here buy one of the e-bike IQ-X lights? If so, how did that turn out? What was the diff? Am I making this up?


Looks like bike rumor installed the velogical and they’re going to review it soon


GTFO with facebutt links. Real internet or screenshot plz.


Why is a bottle dynamo interesting? I guess they all work in their shitty way. I don’t see why this would be a revolution just because it is on the rim.


Pluses: Super light, zero drag when not engaged.
Minuses: it’s still a bottle dynamo.


Is a normal hub + this bottle dynamo that much lighter than a dynohub? Seems doubtful.


The appeal is not having to invest in a new wheel.


But who is buying an expensive modern bottle dynamo who doesn’t relish the idea of building a sweet new wheel?


I think single bottle dynamo solutions are a bit dated.


Can you mount all of these together in series, like a centipede? If so I’m in.


I want to see a setup like some crazy offroad jeep with a million aftermarket lights, but on one of those camo fatbikes.


I can see wealthy roadies who love buying arcane technology using it turn their bike into a winter trainer with zero drag when light isn’t needed. I guess someone is buying these things.


So I bid on and won a 6v 1.5w Alfine hub. Didn’t bother to read the description until I had already won, whoops. Will that reliably power a Cyo or will it be too under-powered? If it’s not up to snuff I’ll put it on my pickup bike and yolo.


I have one with an Eyc and a Secula and it seems to work fine, except for me I think it takes a slightly higher speed for it not to flash. Blakey has one with a Cyo (I’m pretty sure) and reports it works fine.


Yeah, mine is fine, there’s a 1.5w light out now also. But I’d only get that if you were likely to be at low speeds a lot and might suffer from flicker.


Are you running a secula as well Blake? I’m thinking this will go on my future townie with a safety pizza/riv triangle dangling from the saddle instead of a rear light.


Cyo premium plus a secula, yeah.