Luxos U Warranty Chat


Got my IQ-X mounted onto my road bike with a B&M branded bracket. It’s nylon on nylon, so I have very definitely bookmarked the plastic repair solutions listed above.

Gotta say, it seems pretty fantastic to just have a light turn on when the wheel spins.

Next up, getting the rear SON tailight wired in. The instructions look as if they were run off of a mimeograph in the late 1970’s, so I’m gonna be youtubing it up until I get the wiring right.


link to the B&M bracket you used?


B&M470LHPB Is the specific one I picked up. I’ve got it set at a 90 degree angle so that the light sits below the handlebars. If I put a barrel bag in front of the bars, I’ll flip it so it sits high.


Nice, I haven’t looked at that page in forever.

Also, this looks pretty great for the Toplight:


Any reason you didn’t choose this one for $3 vs $25 for handlebar mount?


Found a couple fun mounts on

[]The mount pictured by iwillbe -
]this little banger that could mount a Secula -

also somehow ended up on a page with this monster:


Wonder if that mini R&K jawn could be used for a bottle cage.


Look at all these practical mounting solutions!

I rode behind a guy with those supernova lights this morning.
Man, that tail light really does suck!


That faceplate light mount is EXACTLY what I wanted!

Ah well, next time…

Edit: actually, if it’s this thing:

then holy shit no thanks I’m good. It might say “replacement stem faceplace that may or may not mate correctly with a given stem”, but I’m reading that as “my dentist is about to be able to afford a Shiv AND a P5 this year”


My riding buddy has the Supernova headlight and side-by-side with my Cyo it is like a flashlight. I feel bad that he spent so much money on it. Do you need anything to hook those up to a Secula? I remember we discussed the AC/DC issue earlier in the thread.


Nah, just plug it in and it’ll work.


um pjw sez

It might work anyway since the Secula must have a rectifier in it to convert to DC for the LEDs.


Just got two new lights in from Germany to test out. Haven’t wired them up yet, but here’s some initial impressions:

Trelock LS 905

Same size as a Cyo. Has nice quick-connectors for wires. Feels solid with an aluminum housing (the silver part) all the way around the light (also available in black and colors). Extruded aluminum bracket is a nice touch. Only has a single LED for main and standlight. Reflector is straightforward and doesn’t try to do any side lighting. Beardo reflector comes off. Switch is covered by a silicone protector and seems to have two positions, though I haven’t figured it out yet. Nothing on it seems like it could break off, though like the Cyo the mouting tab on the housing is plastic. Seems like it could be a solid option in ~70 lux range.

Axa Luxx 70 Plus

A little bit taller than the 905. Plastic brackets are bulky but contain a built-in USB charger. Feels like it’s all plastic, including the top piece above the LED that you would expect to be metal for use as a heat sink. Even worse, that piece has a flimsy, slightly loose attachment and appears to be easy to break off. Has a main Cree-style LED for lighting, and two simple white LEDs for the standlight. There are side windows for the standlight LEDs. Beardo reflector appears to be removable. The USB charging socket is on the right side so that would make it hard to access if mounted under a rack on the left side. One might be able to flip the bracket piece over (edit - nope). Has a simple slider switch on the back that switches between lighting or charging. You can’t run both at the same time. Seems like a poor man’s Luxos where you trade the wiring problems for chintzy construction.


Thanks for that second one, I’ve been curious


Search is giving me none of it. Has anyone tried the IQ-XS?

Ordering a light for DayNightRuiner and it’s not much more than Cyo Premium. Metal housing and mounting seems like a +


Looks like it’s worth trying, and you can tell us if the mount on the casing is plastic.


I’d also like to try one of these:

It has the biggest mount on the body, and an aluminum casing. These put the LED in the bottom (maybe the mount is used as a heat sink?) and then flip the cutoff beam pattern right-side-up with the aspheric lens. This has me thinking that if you can swap the lens for a flat piece of polycarbonate you could run the light upside down in a hanging orientation on a nerd rack.

Weirdly enough, the US importer for Hermanns is up here in Fort Collins.


Got that Herrman’s model of dyno light ready to order. My friendly neighborhood dynamo vendor keeps some puzzlingly horrible hours, and is apparently on vacation for a while right now. Can’t said I didn’t try to buy local.

It will be going on a cargo bike with a BioLogic Joule3 dyno hub, so we will find out if it works well in low speed situations.


My luxos u keeps turning on on its own, and it flickers at slow speed like a mofo. It works ok at normal speed and it doesn’t seem to turn itself off, just on, so it’s not too tragic. Still, is there a potential easy fix I should try? It’s long out of warranty.


I’m building up a Stoemper cross bike. Pretty tempted to put a dynamo on the front. Who makes a 12m TA dyno hub?