Luxos U Warranty Chat


Got a confirmation from Trelock that the LS905 only has ON and AUTO modes and cannot be turned off. So unless you want DRL or plan to wire in a supernerd switch the IQ Cyo Premium is better choice for 80 lux randolyfe.

I traded some old wheels for a Sram I-light hub so I think I’m going to swap that for the Shimano 1.5W hub and get all teh wattz.


Do people turn their dyno lights off?


Serious q


Maybe randonneurs convince themselves that it matters to have the lights off during the day but given the sorts of places those folks ride it’s probably best to still have DRL shartmo


One time I got a train back into town after a ride and I was walking my bike with dyno light along the underground train platform when I heard over the loudspeaker “would the person walking their bike along the platform please turn off their light. It will distract the train drivers”

I wanted to explain about the Svtzo, how the light wouldn’t be shining in the drivers eyes at all. Or how I WAS WALKING IN THE SAME DIRECTION THAT THE TRAINS TRAVEL ON THAT LINE, so if a train actually came out of the tunnel that way, there were bigger problems than my light. But I just rolled my eyes in a heavily exaggerated way and turned it off.


that’s pretty funny


So inconsiderate


real answer though, turning it off will help charge other stuff if you do that.


My luxos U doesn’t like charging things when the light is on


Turning it off completely mitigates the minor buzzing from the hub that I feel when it is on


Months later, I assume we can confirm that the rumors of Shutter Precisions shuttering (har har) were incorrect?


??? hadn’t heard that one.


I think Straws floated that a few months ago.


I used to turn off my dynamo light but figured I was just wearing the switch out. Haven’t turned one off in maybe 5 years.


ftf my interpretation


I have been hearing a lot more SP hub complaints lately though.

Did some night riding last night to test out the LS905. The beam pattern is noisier than the Cyo with some funny artifacts around the perimeter and some noticeable banding. But overall the pattern seems better and the cutoff even tighter.

The standlight was weirdly inconsistent - I think it might not run in “auto” mode. But I have seen reports of it being weird with the Renak hub which is also lower powered so I wonder if the problem is the 1.5W hub.

It occurred to me that it might be possible to mod the light, swapping out the switch and rewiring it to make it an on/off switch. There’s a logo on the back of the light that I suspect hides a screw hole. But honestly I don’t know if it’s worth the bother when the IQ-X isn’t that much more money.


I’ve been testing a new Dyno light too. Hope to share some details soon.


ftf my interpretation[/quote]