M Endpoint Coffee Grinder + Search Light fork

Have a CG in good/fair condition that I’d prefer to move to folks here, if possible. It’s a size M produced a little over a year ago, tan color, with matched Search Light fork (70mm steerer over headset). Strava says 2k miles, probably more like 2.5k on it. The main issues it has are:

  1. some surface rust formed in the seat tube (and was honed out)
  2. at some point I over-torqued the original seat clamp and messed up the paint (covered by the clamp)
  3. general paint wear (+ still have some sticker residue to remove)

Photos here:

It rides great and I love it, but it’s at least a size too small for me. Comes with Wolf Tooth headset, top cap (not pictured), Wolf Tooth seat clamp (not pictured), barrel adjusters, and thru-axles. If I can find the original bottle bolts I’ll toss them in.

$750 shipped, unless I’m way off?


Un-Dibs. I mis-read and thought it was a H-G.


i’m powerful tempted to say i have a medium purple gen 1 h/g that i’d sell at the same price :thinking:

Can someone remind me what fork A2C and offset these are designed around?

@EndpointBraden @Andpoint_Endy

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395/45 roughly, standard “cross” fork

deadass- @earwig would you be into a purple medium gen 1 h/g? i’m not 100% sure but a human needs to dither and im jealous of @Jacobell cg

Oops, meant to respond before, then got distracted.
Purple is certainly tempting! Does the first gen H-G have thru-axles? I managed to jump straight from rim brake dead-enders to disc+TA and want wheels to be interchangeable.

100x15TA front 142x12TA rear. IS brake mounts no rear rack mounts but you don’t want a rear rack on a h/g anyway

edit: i have the custom 100x15 to 100x12 thread adaptors too which would come with it

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ok @chazzwazzer im sliding in your DMs again. we’re doing trickle down dithering here as long as i have enough steerer for @earwig

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Yep. It’s enough steerer.

oh and just putting it out there i’m glad to keep this all in tarck as it is the day ruiner


Musical tarckbikes. I love it.




im gonna miss my purple h/g but its on to better pastures