Marinoni Appreciation

I love em. My girlfriend has one. The builder is a super-nice old Italian man who’s brought me into his shop. I think I’m going to get him to build me a frame when the summer ends. Please share stories and pics.

Here is hers.

No love?

I appreciate this:

And I do like this frame:

Though I’m sure it does not appreciate Mr. Probably’s abuse

Prolly doesn’t trash his classy steel, you douche.

Oh, heavens





And trashing a classy Rev-X too, at that.

Should I know who that is?


do not want

I’m guessing he is known for his fixed-gear freestyle prowess.

He doesn’t appear to be clipped in. Commit!

That is the aforementioned Prolly, who “does not trash his classy steel.” I was in no way endorsing the above freestyling.

haha. maybe he wised up some now.
he used to atleast.

Hence the pictures of him seshin’ on his Marinoni

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