Marley’s Part bin

I don’t need these things, let’s make a deal!! (TC: I don’t know if these are fair prices or not, so if I’m way off base, make an offer!)

-WTB Byway 650b x 47 (only one tire) $25 obo
-WTB Byway 700 x 40 (also only one) $25 obo
Both of these were setup tubeless for a few months but have less than 100 miles on them.

  • Abus Nutfix Locking Wheel Skewers $15 - SOLD

-Axiom Journey rear rack - $10

Do those locking skewers need a special wrench?

They need an 8mm.

Neat, never seen these before.

Any reason you are deciding to sell them?

I struggled with getting them on and off when changing tubes and decided it just wasn’t worth the effort.


I feel that. security is so often a tradeoff against usability.

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You’re probably just as well off with two Allen-key skewers. Obviously easier to steal but I think basically all wheel theft is a crime of opportunity, and we can assume that most theives aren’t walking around with 5mm Allen keys.

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What color are the nutfixes?

Hey Marley, I’ll take that byway off your hands.

Which size? The 650b or 700?


How do you take those locking skewers off if your bike is in a stand? Do you have to take the bike out of the stand and lay it down?


Pop the cap (while sideways) before you put it in the stand, use wrench after its in the stand.
I had some locking QR skewers that required you to turn bike upside down for QR lever to release. Took a while to remember to do it before putting up in the stand

That would fill me with such rage that I’d probably stomp the bike into a twisted mess of metal.

I don’t think it’s intended for people who would have any reason to take their wheels off other than fixing a flat.

Even then! Imagine dealing with that nonsense at night in the rain!

I feel sorry for any shop employee who sells those knowing full well that bike is coming back in every time it gets a flat.

mountain out of a molehill ATMO

Time to clear the bin. I’ll add more as I find it.

Shimano PD-R8000 Ultegra Road Pedals - Never used, never even taken out of the box. $100 - claimed

Wahoo Tickr Heart Rate Monitor - Used, but the strap has been washed. Works perfectly fine - I just don’t need 2. $20 - Claimed

Shimano XT SM-RT86 180mm Rotors, 2 of them, new in box. $25 each. - Claimed

Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones - Used a few times, but they hurt my ears. Nearly new, with hardcase. $75