masciaghi fausto coppi

What is the story with these? I can’t find much info on them. I have seen a few older steel frames locally (Elliot Bay Bicycles) with Fausto Coppi written on the tubing, and an M cut out of, or masciaghi on a plate on the BB shell. They look pretty nice, but for all I know they could be Italian Huffys.

Wondering what Masciaghi means, I googled it

Apparently, they’re still going, making Coppi bikes and a bunch of other brands:

No idea about quality or value of the old frames.

I would say high-mid to high grade bikes.

“The maker of Coppi, F.lli Masciaghi Bicycles, was started in 1967 in a garage. Some thirty years later, Maschiaghi has grown into a state-of-the-art facility outside Milan. As recently as 1997, they sold in excess of $45 million worth of bicycles. In 1990, Masciaghi teamed up with Giovanni Pellizzoli ,the founder of Ciocc, to develop the Fausto Coppi line of frames.”

I may end up with one … but I am only looking for now. I still need a job, but I have a personal rule that says that with every new job a portion of the first check goes to a something fun.

I have this rule!