Massan from MASH

anyone know what gearing he’s pushing? looks huge.

i dunno, but his bike is pretty ugly.

one time someone said it was like 53/13, but my guess would be maybe 53/15


Who’s banned?

Oh shit I thought this was a parche thread…

that saddle to bar drop is like whooooooooooa. good thing he only rides the tops

That much seatpost showing on a Concept = risking cracked seatpost collar. Pretty sure he doesn’t ride that anymore and he got a Leader.

I think Emi rides the leader, not Massan. I could be wrong though.

nevermind, got the two confused.

massan pushes over a 90" i believe.

real far forward in the track ends, must be a PITA to take that wheel off.

90" and brakeless on the street? Robot legs?

Fuck yes. I saw guy win a sprint competition a few months back. No one finished within 6 bike lengths of him.

He’d kill at track.

He probably does.

I dont doubt the speed by any means, I doubt his ability to stop or ride it on the street. Robot legs would certainly explain things though.

Are you kidding? He kills the street. And from what I understand, he stops well but not frequently. You seen mash? That’s their gimmick… they don’t stop.

: [

Iv seen mash, my point is that I personally would feel horrendously unsafe on anything remotely similar. I had to balls on stem to have any hope of stopping 80". Not that he cant ride his bike much better than me.

Exactly. I’m sure he CAN ride his bike much better than you can.

I think thats what I just said bro. I just went and watched his part again thnx to this thread.