Mavic Ellipse Wheelset Problems

I couldn’t seem to get the search function to work… so if there was a post about this in the past, I apologize…

I’m having some trouble with my rear Mavic Ellipse… On on side I’m running an 18T EAI with a Phil Wood lockring and it works perfect… on the other side I’m running a 16T DA with the matching, supposed-to-be-used-with Mavic lockring (French Threading) and I’m having some trouble…

First I put it on normal, chainwhip the cog, tighten the lockring, the works, rode it around and when I would skid the cog would slip… hmm, thats weird. So I googled it and someone said “throw a BB spacer between the cog and the lockring”… So I went up to the LBS today and got a BB spacer… the only one was a plastic .7mm spacer and it seemed to be the space between the cog and the lockring. put it on, skidded a few times and it was fine, then I was riding home from work and my cog slipped AGAIN.

I just took the lockring and cog off and luckily the threads are 9.5/10 (still useable and threads on fine). This time I put it on again as tight as I could and seriously cut the shit out of my hand from putting the lockring on tight as hell. I skid a few times and it was working but I’m just afraid I’m going to fuck my hub beyond use. Anyone have any remedies to fixing this stupid problem?

The solution is to not buy wheels with stupid proprietary cog/lockring interfaces.

I wish i would have looked into before the purchase… honestly I might just anty up the cash and get another Phil Wood lockring as I have had 0 problems on that side…

A brake would probably help.

And how!

They’re great track wheels but i wouldn’t bother with the lockring bullshit for street use.

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My frame is not drilled for a brake and I enjoy brakeless… but still, how can Mavic create such a mind-numbing product…

because it’s meant for track use not sweet skids???

I was gonna blame the French.

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How about you just use the other side of your hub since that works fine.

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Man-up and use the same gear everywhere!
A few people I know have had problems with their ellipses. Not like you mention though. They have had chainline issues because you apparently have to put the chainring on back to front, and a few have said that they’re pretty flexy. I really wanted a set because they look ace, but oh well.

They are terrible wheels. Sell them and get a set of hand laced jobbies.

I race on them and find them to not be flexy at all. I would probably rather get something handmade. And I might. But for now they’re fine.