Mig muses on 2 wheels

Ok nerds this is where I dither


Are you ready?


Okay go.


Current bike sitch
2 of the same rando bike: trainer and event. They are 2x11 with (50or48)/34x11-32 and fit up to 32s and fenders

Off grid ditherer: 46/30x11-42 and has byways and Jones bars

My faat caad is going back to my framebuilder for a modification. Basically has a little more aggressive geo than the ditherer.

I accidentally maybe another bike

Should I keep it a 25s nice weather machine with carbon fork or should I make it a fenders and 28s with a steel fork?

crabon poke, don’t you have enough bikes with fenders?

Bruh I live in pnw. If I ever want to ride the bike not in summer I need

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Every roadie should have a good fast with no fenders. You’re a roadie, get the go fast.

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Seconded. Keep it for the summer. A season justifies its own bike.

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what’s the mod? you should have them modify the geo to be like the other two bikes

Ha ha ha ha.
We all know this is what will happen.

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don’t you also have an ahearne?

is the “caad” still rolling with the riser bar situation? i really liked that and would like you to keep it set up that way for me for when i eventually visit.
it’s a caad6 geo clone, right? how does that translate to steel?

Caad 8
It’s fun and fine as is but I want more
When are you visiting

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I sold the ahearne to Orc

arguably the best type of bike

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easy way to add pictures of the above described bikes on this new forum?


1/2 randos are disassembled
I already posted ditherer

oh wait
Then there’s this
now has a dropper and a different saddle

New bike will be posted when it gets here maybe

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sw8 hybrids

TBH id like to paint the faat caad orange and put a Garfield sticker on it