Milwaukee Tarcklocross

My team is throwing a race in Milwaukee this Saturday (10/21). Come race! It’s the return of a classic course with a huge run-up, off-camber descents, and a volleyball sand pit. Plus b-roll is gonna be there.

Register by Wednesday:
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If you take Amtrak you can get there almost entirely on bike trails (4 miles):,+433+W+St.+Paul+Avenue,+Milwaukee,+WI+53203/Mitchell+Park+Horticultural+Conservatory,+524+S+Layton+Blvd,+Milwaukee,+WI+53215/@43.0313018,-87.9438834,15.08z/data=!4m19!4m18!1m10!1m1!1s0x88051906aaaaaaab:0xcddbffe6c0da69be!2m2!1d-87.9173918!2d43.0343763!3m4!1m2!1d-87.9555441!2d43.0248804!3s0x88051a414575ce51:0x7284bb05f7ff6072!1m5!1m1!1s0x88051a3b9067b207:0xacf13ad0984f6ec4!2m2!1d-87.9459482!2d43.0264365!3e1

Come fuck it up with your friends! Cat 5 racers race cheap:

I’m b-roll and I approve of this message.
Chi people come on up and we’ll let you drive on our roads for free if you’ll just show us how this CX thing is really done.
or: Let’s develop a meaningless interstate rivalry based on stereotypes and shit talk.
My club will be there and have free beer for nice people.

booo, i’m weekend booked up until mid-nov but it would be fun to drive up and talk shit and drink beer
are there anymore on the schedule ?

Plenty more:

Come up for the state champs race on 12/2 and jump the cheeseburger with us.

It was a fine showing.
When the course designers looked over the list of possible course features, they simply skipped to the bottom an checked “all of the above.”
Runup? check
Log hop? check
Off camber turns? check
More off camber turns? check
More than enough off camber turns? check
Just a few more off camber turns? check
Sand pit that stayed fluffy all day? check
Pinata? check
Beer handups every 50 meters? fail
Barriers? Oh yeah, let’s put some barriers in there too, just in case you were starting to think the course didn’t have enough features.
Guy trying to sell me weed using street slang I couldn’t understand? check
PeeWee football concession stand? check

If only you could have added a little ice and snow it might have been complete. Better luck next time.

Kidding aside, awesome re-introduction of a great venue.

If you raced the 4/5s, you would have gotten a little mud, but it seems dust is the name of the game this year.

Here’s a recap of what went down:

I look forward to bumping this thread next year.

Well, for those of us not preoccupied with putting on that race, we got 3 days of slop last weekend plus another dose on Sunday.
So, just bad karma for you I guess.