Mixing new and old, aero and non-aero components

Jackass or not? :colbert:

aero bars on a bmx bike!

I mean like box wheels rubbing up against aero seat tube cutouts.

Or aero rims on a steel frame. Which is all too common.

I have aero rims and a disc wheel on my old steel track bike. I also use both classic box tubular rims AND aero rims on my modern road bike (which, I’ll grant you, is steel). It would never occur to me not to use components this way. JFR

Well it depends on if you’re using them for racing like bonechilling or if you have Zipp disk and arrOspok on a janky old schwinn varsity.

I think that anything set up or designed specifically for racing is not jackass. Maybe fugly, silly, ineffective or illogical at times, but not jackass.

If you have that same exact setup that was non jackass in a race, but use it for a quick hop to Whole Foods and back, then it’s on it’s way to being out-of-the-closet jackass.

i have a custom steel track frame covered mostly NJS parts and i ain’t race shit :colbert:

i think a person being a jackass will manifest itself in the way they put their bike together. That said I have black deep V’s on an old schwinn but I would never put a zipp disc or arrowspok on it. It comes down to a persons reason for doing things, is it done to be “cool”, personal preference, or ignorance. The latter two I feel don’t qualify a person as jackass, ugly many times but at least they either meant to do it or didn’t know better.

But you don’t wear the Keirin kit do you?

there are some things that are jackass.
mixing aero and non aero ain’t so bad.
doing stupid things like putting 25.4 bars in a 26.0 or 26.4 stem is jackass.
box section wheels on an aero frame. no big deal. might look a little funny but not jackass. what if the person is going on a hilly ride and is expecting to climb some tough hills. aero wheels don’t help out with that.

one thing i saw this weekend. some guy riding a really nice looking road bike and it sounded like he didn’t know how to even shift the damn thing.
so, dropping thousands of bucks on a bike and then not even knowing how to operate it is jackass. then on the other if he knows how to ride but can’t figure out to keep it somewhat tuned up then that’s jackass too.

doing anything just for style points is jackass.

[quote=“blickblocks”]But you don’t wear the Keirin kit do you?

stevesentme does!

But he has a beard.

yeah, I guess it’s ok then.
plus he stole it from the kerin shop.

that’s tarck as fuck

Jackasses are jackasses no matter what they ride.

What I really like is the weird '70s “aero” stuff.

Um I think you mean you mean star wars memorabilia. :colbert:

I think it can be done well. I love seeing the Flanders and Roubaix bikes - modern aero frames and components with 32h 3x wheels = the :bear:

personally i think pure box rims look a little silly on fat tubed aluminum/carbon bikes. but it can be insanely practical to do so, so not really jackass. seeing 36 spoke box tubulars on a modern aluminum frame is not an uncommon occurrence at the track… though neither is seeing deep section carbon rims on steel. former moreso than the latter.

sticking a time trial aero seatpost on an old schwinn would probably qualify as jackass. there’s limits.

Arrospok type wheels on a kick bike are just teh awezomz… especially when you are wearing loose-fitting windbreaker ‘aero kit’…