Monstercross: Long pull brifters? V brake -> cantis?

so…I got some dirt drops…

but i still have V brakes on the bike and need a lever that will work with that!

can I switch to cantis on here? what would I need to run them?

For brifters you’ll need cantis or V-brake x travel agent collbo
If you don’t have shifty bits just get some of those fugly Tektro V levers.

no shifty bits here!

DQ thread is where this goes.

That said.

Tektro v-levers ain’t so bad, that or travel agents.

i got some dia-compe v-levers, they were great in the hand and stopped quite well. never used the tektros, so i can’t make a comparison.

I can attest from personal experience that travel agents make braking fucking suck.
Go with the Tecktros.

cane creek also makes some v-levers. i like them. getting some once my tax return shows up

Are the cane creek levers softish like the higher end shimano brifters? I hate the hard plastic feel of tektros.

Tektro V-levers are quite nice, IMO. I think travel agents work very well when you set them up correctly. These are more or less your only options.

the cane creek levers aren’t that soft, just a hood over hard plastic, but theyre not hard by my standards either. i like them because i have large hands and the tops are nice and broad. similar to a campy brifter, but actually comfortable.

feh. im going to try and order some paul levers…

I also need a bigger chainring. like at least a 36 or 38?