Mountain bike racing

Racing in the STORM Hill Country Mountain Bike Challenge (Omnium/XC race) in Comfort, TX this weekend.

Any Tarckers going to be there by chance?

Are there any other Tarckers racing XC anywhere?

I race XC. I would like to be there but I think I’m doing another ride.
I’m selling a santa cruz blur LT for a giant XTC 29er 1…I think.

29ers are awesome. I’ll never go back to a small wheeled mountain bike again.

Riding a Diamondback Overdrive, stock except for a swap to Cane Creek Zonos Disc wheels and a Maxxis Ardent up front.

I wanted to do MTB race this season, but considering my current fitness level and my lack of a mountain bike, that isn’t gonna happen.

Ohio. From my knowledge it’s the only XC race series in Ohio. I would rather race XC than road any day of the week. Cross however…

i’ll be racing in the wisconsin off road series.

i’ll be racing my monster masi in a couple of races.

I <3 mountain bikes.

that is all.

This will actually be my first race, though I was the sweep rider on this course at both races last year and a course marshal at the marathon race this year.

Any tips form those that have done it before? Common sense and not-so-common sense suggestions are welcome!

don’t crash. if you do and someone has a camera, make it look much worse than it actually is.

Don’t do it!

Wanting to travel. Should I venture to Wisconsin for some races this year?

I would love to race XC, but I only have a DH bike. Not to be put off, I still ride it on our XC rides with pro-pedal on and seat up, but I wouldn’t bother racing it.
I am thinking of selling/swapping for something I can race enduros on. It’s been far too long since I raced a mountain bike. It’s a shame we have hardly any mountains in Australia.

Wanting to travel. Should I venture to Wisconsin for some races this year?[/quote]

yeah. i haven’t done any wors races yet, but it is one of the most popular local series in the country pretty sure. plus the subaru cup will be a national event with lots of pros that’ll be awesome to watch.

i think it used to be closer to ohio, now it’s in more central WI.

Don’t do it![/quote]
Or do it… except wait until I have some extra cash to buy the SC Blur LT :slight_smile:

[quote=tjayk]i think it used to be closer to ohio, now it’s in more central WI.[/quote]

I’m going to add this to my calender. What’s the terrain like?

[quote=firewoodcycles][quote=tjayk]i think it used to be closer to ohio, now it’s in more central WI.[/quote]

I’m going to add this to my calender. What’s the terrain like?[/quote]

honestly i don’t really know any of the wors courses. i still haven’t popped my mtb race cherry.

Even though I didn’t read it until now, I’m going to blame you since you said it before the race. :stuck_out_tongue:

Saturday’s time trial (4 miles) sucked, as I blew up off the line and didn’t save anything for the hill climb sections. Oops. Came in at 22:32, good enough for 3rd to last in my category/age group (Cat3/19-29). (Boooo.)

Sunday’s XC (12 miles for my category) started off well, I held 3rd for the first mile or so, then dropped back to 8th, was holding there fine until about 4 miles in after the first fast downhill section. The trail flattened out and I was hauling ass in my big ring, doing somewhere just north of 20mph, and I caught a loose rock on the edge of the trail that kicked my front wheel sideways and down I went. I slid on my arm and chest for about 15 feet or so. Bike was ok, but lots of nasty trail rash on my arm, leg and some on my chest that I didn’t notice till I got home. I also managed to rip open my right thumb in exactly the spot that I use to press the downshift trigger with. Amazingly my glove itself didn’t rip.

I got up and stood there for about 30 seconds to give some time for the adrenalin to slow down and make sure I hadn’t broken any bones, then got back on and started riding. While I was down I got passed by 4 or 5 riders. 2 miles later (on a nice, smooth, flat section of all places) my front bead came unseated and the tube ballooned out, locking up the front wheel. Somehow the tube actually didn’t pop and I managed to get it deflated and back in the tire, then used some CO2 to refill it. That killed another couple minutes and by this point riders from the group behind my start began passing.

The ride was uneventful after that and I finally rolled across the finish line at 1:27:46, putting me in 14th place for my cat, or… 3rd from last. Again.

Removing my glove after was fun as it had filled with blood and dried to my ripped up thumb. Yay!

Note to self for future reference: Bike on bottom, rider on top.

I did finish under my own power though, on the bike and not walking, so there is that. I also won a CO2/tire repair kit in the Cat3 raffle, so that was cool.

Hopefully the DORBA Bar H Bash April 10th and 11th will go better.

I’m riding the Pace Bend race this weekend, alucinari.

I’ll be there on the GIANT. Ending up selling teh motorcycle. Guy is coming to pick it up this week.