MRP Ribbon Coil - 29", 51mm offset, boost - $400

Any interest in this fork? No stanchion damage, and I’ll check for scratches on the lowers but don’t recall any problems. Currently set to 140mm, medium (green) spring installed. I might have a yellow, but that might have gotten lost in the move from colorado (if I find the spring you can also get the colorado flag logo decals with it)

specs here: MRP Ribbon Coil 29"

Note: does not have the chocoluxe update. Feels good, but air spring forks seem to suit my bike a little better.

I’m interested.

I’m obviously not good at selling things - I’ll post up some pics tonight

I also need a wheelset with 142x12 rear if you have that and want to bundle some shit my way.

I would buy this if I didn’t need like 10mm less offset

Post pics @oogens

ok, definitely after work i’ll get a measurement of the steerer tube

also, found the spare spring and have box, so that’s two barriers taken care of


So don’t spray it with rubbing alcohol, left a haze so I wiped it down with oil…

And I’m pretty sure it has the medium (green) spring installed. The spare I think is a soft (yellow), but the guy I bought it from took the shrink tubing off so… Hasn’t been a worry for me since it’s set at 140mm and sag is about right for my 190lbs.

Dropped the price before I bother listing it on pinkbike and other places