mtb/cx/whatever pedals

i got some domz.

what pedals!

i heard time atac good, crank bros questionable, dunno about shimano spd. halp. looking for something relatively cheap… atac aliums are appealing for being right around fifty.


also, once i actually buy a pedal, i will bump this thread to ask “how do i clip in??!?!?!” since it will be the first time i ride anything that isn’t LOOK (or spd-sl)

ATAC Aliums are great, but they’re heavy as shit compared to a lot of other $50 pedals. They will handle anything you throw at them though. I’ve got a pair that have been ridden nearly every day since 2005. And they were OEM take-offs. Not even as nice as the aftermarket Aliums.

All that said, the only really negative things I’ve heard are about the egg beaters. I’m pretty sure that all the $50 pedals will have good and bad points.


I think I would go with plain old Shimano SPD.

Anything is a good choice as long as it’s not Crank Brothers.

What is it about Cbros you dont like?

I have never had a problem with mine, but some people have had durability problems. My biggest complaint is that the cleat is a little soft.

For the price these:

The SPD 520 are pretty damn amazing.

PBK sells those for $37 shipped. Very good pedal for the money.

I have multiple sets.

I can attest to that as well. Mine have been struck on rocks MTBing many many times and still are kicking. I never have problems getting into them in the muddiest of the mud.

Snow is an issue though…

I’ve got the 540’s. They’re nice, but they do essentially the same thing that the 520’s do. I only bought them over the 520’s because I liked the silver finish better and I had a store credit that could allow me some extra bling.

I’ve got a review up in the abandoned cave of a review section that we have.

For all the Crank Bros hate, my smartys have been doing everything they’re supposed to do for as long as I’ve had them. I’ve never heard firsthand (here or elsewhere) about Crank Bros pedals straight-up failing on anybody. My only complaint is that they have a bit of a mushy feel to them compared to SPDs I’ve tried, but it’s not exactly a deal breaker or anything.

I was riding with a guy when he snapped a spindle on one of his MXR’s. He’s lucky he fell the way he did or he could have ripped his leg open. And this was just mashing up a hill on some boring singletrack.

People always talk about how great CB’s customer service is on returns. I don’t really care enough to try it out though.

The MXRs look like junk. I would stick with at least the Cs and preferably the SLs. If you want cheap and reliable go with the SPDs. I wouldn’t mess with the ultra cheap Crank Brothers pedals.

I haven’t found a pedal yet that doesn’t have a problem with wet New England snow. It just cakes up into ice so fast.

loving my Candys so far, altho i’ve only put a coupla hunnert miles on em.

That is a bit scary. I’m pretty sure my pedals use the same spindle as the MXRs, and I’ve heard that these lower end pedals are the only ones that have problems like that.

I’ve destroyed two pairs of Crank Bros Candy SL’s (broken “eggbeater” blades) and a pair of Smarty’s (destroyed the spindle/bearings. I think you get what you pay for with Crank Bros. stuff. You have to shell out for the higher quality versions.

I use ATAC aliums on four bikes and have never had problems.

Has anyone used ATAC XS? Are they worth the extra $50? I understand they have actual bearings whereas the aliums just use a bushing.