MTB setup

Hey guys, so it looks like I’m going to be getting a good deal from a friend on a 2008 Kona fire mountain ($200) for doing some trail riding this summer, and I’m kind of trying to figure out how much I’m gonna end up spending to get the bike to where I want it. It’s going to be built up with an older drivetrain (probably 1x7/8) and a non-disc stx rc hub laced to some mystery rim for the rear wheel. Here is the bike in question, except it’ll be coming to me built up a little differently (won’t have the little thumbies for shifters, for example) and with the stock DART1 fork:

So basically, I’m wondering what you guys would suggest for my upgrade path. I’m pretty sure I’m going to want to upgrade the fork pretty quickly. The guy selling me the bike suggested something like this: … 0341663863 which looks like a solid option.

Is it worth it to go back to a rear disc as well? What’s going to be my best bet drivetrain wise, newer deore or older LX/XT or something else? Any other tips for a MTB noob?


7sp wont get you integrated linear pull shifter/levers unless your buying crap. (you need linear pull for V-brakes and mechanical disc) Some older 8 speed will be for canti and not v-brake/mech disc.

Disc front and V rear is fine.

I don’t know much about Manitou but I am a fan of Marzocchi . I’ve ran the MX. its a good but somewhat heavy entry level fork.

Thanks for the heads up. Looks like it’s got a 7sp cassette on there right now, not positive if that’ll be the case when it makes its way into my hands. I’m 99% sure it’s a freehub and it looks like deore 9sp cassettes are in the 25 dollar range, not bad. My only issue there will be trying to find only a rear shifter instead of paying for both, since I’m planning a 1x? setup. If it comes down to it and I have to buy both I guess I’d just put the front der. and rings on, but I’d rather not pay the money/have the extra bulk on the bike. Guess I’ll keep my eyes peeled on ebay.

I was also considering holding off on upgrading the drivetrain and doing the switch to SRAM with cassette, der. and shifters at once. I’ve heard good things about x5/7 and am thinking about running a mix of SRAM stuff instead of sticking with shimano. Thoughts on that?

Also, I’ll look into that fork. I’m not excessively worried about weight here, I’m not gonna pay the premium for light componentry and am willing to take the weight hit for quality/performance in choosing between lower end stuff.

You already know this, but that bike is amazingly too small for the rider, if that photo is of the actual setup. That sort of seatpost exposure puts very high stress on the seat tube, especially the welds. They break when you do that. Check them. Looks like that’s quite a small frame for quite a short rider.

Disc front and V rear is fine. I’d get 9sp Deore rather than 7/8sp LX/XT because decent 7/8sp cassettes are getting harder to come by. Deore 9sp cassettes and chains are hella cheap and perfectly ok.

I think he had the seatpost set up that high for road use on snow days, hence the rigid fork as well. I’ve ridden around on the bike in person and we’re both about the same size, and it was a decent fit. Riding off road I’m sure he’d have run it at least a couple inches lower.

OH sweet, just got a call and it turns out it’ll be coming to me with 8spd and a nicer rear wheel.

Now maybe time to discuss something that might be more interesting for tarck: aesthetics. It’ll probably be coming with a blue saddle, so I’m thinking I might have to go all out and make this an AMERICA! bike. Blue ourys or those BMX grips with the stars? A flag attached to the seatpost?