MURDERED OUT picture thread

Post em up.

Also, talk about techniques. Which is better, Sharpie or King marker?

Remember when Big Black had that car converted and painted it green? I cried a little that day.


I tell people Big Black is my dad.

Here’s my Electra Coaster Single Speed Cruiser… Not entirely matte but close enough.


…you have an Electra.

wtf is murdered out

Good question!

I’m guessing all black?

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]Good question!

I’m guessing all black?[/quote]

good guess
i suppose “all black” might be a little RACY if you know what im sayin

More like turdered out. Nothing less original than the blackout color scheme.

Another GothTarck thread?

This is me and BB. :bear: We roll black.

HOT. I can’t imagine you can fit those boots into clips/straps. Recessed cleats?

They are SPD compatible.

I rock platforms. Satan is on MY side.

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]Dude…

…you have an Electra.[/quote]

Yeah yeah Electra made in the USA/China… I know, I know, I know… I keep forgetting that this forum is the proverbial Mt. Olympus and us peons cannot anger the gods with our petty choices of consumerism. Usually everyone is so observant here always looking to find something in the background of the picture to make fun of. I’m disappointed that no one noticed the BMW Street Carver sitting on the floor. Warranty work is done at BMW.

Theres gotta be something there?


Ok… what’s with all the labelled sneaker boxes in the background?

haha yeah all the labels look the same and use odd colorway names. The post it notes are the model nicknames. Much like riser bars the “sneakerhead” is misunderstood.

Ha. I don’t think I misunderstanderize anything. You like buying shoes that you will never wear, and you just keep them in thier boxes.

I actually wear all my shoes none are DS but thanks for the .02