Mustache Mob

I’m talking both the bars and facial hair.

This shit’s gettin’ outta control.

I’m talking both the bar-oriented gang wars and my facial hair.

I’m working on the face stache, I will probably drop the staches on the GTB the next time I ride it.

We’re hurtin over here. I’ve posted this already but whatever.

is that an opus 3? a 62cm opus 3?!

oh wait… I can barely read ‘team fuji.’ still… lemme know when you want to sell that.

Your crew sucks.

that Fuji is cool though.

you’re gonna have to forgive me for my weak stache, as you can see im asian, and we don’t get much facial hair.

and this is when my raleigh had a stache.

The beater in its mob days:

Been in rizr rebl mode for the past month and haven’t looked back.

Mas. And it’s more like a 64.

This crew is relevant to my interests

hopefully i’m a member soon

the best i can do for pics now. my face stache isn’t picworthy yet either.

Strictly face stache here :colbert:

yr tellin me bridgestone isn’t begging for a mustachio?

he had mustachio on a one way for like 2 years i believe. his homie skip had a mustachio on his bike too. they’re gone for a reason.

I just mobbed out the Hour, check it. Doubt it’ll stay like this though.

I absolutely love the look and I had 'em on my FC1 for a spell, but for me they were only good up until about the 3 mile mark. Sure, there were a million hand positions, but all were pretty meh for different reasons.

Does that count?

Damn, you are very observant. I really do enjoy mustache bars but not as much as I enjoy riding far.