my chainline. (space out the crank?)

so i put my track axle on my hed disc today, and it turns out that the chainline is off by about 2.4mm (i measured with a dial caliper)
can i safely space out my crank to straighten the chainline?

its making a lot of noise (that might just be the nature of a disc wheel) but it seems like it slows down kind of quickly if i crank it while the bike is on a stand

Is it because the rear spacing is incorrect on the axle? I’m not entirely familiar with the axle situation on a hed, but if you just replaced the axle (ie it wasnt a kit that changed the freehub body to a track setup) you might need to stick a couple spacers in there and a cold set type scenario is keeping it from sitting in a proper position in your track ends. I’m pretty tired, so dont expect that to make sense or even be close to right. If your cranks are too far in would it not be easy to just get a bit longer BB?

edit: I only provide these other options because spacing a crank out has always sort of weirded me out. I get concerned the tapers wont seat right and I’ll end up fucking shit up.

its a track axle. i cant change the cog position. so i have to either space of the chainring or the crank.
i heard there are some BMX chainring bolts that space out chainrings, ill have to check those out.