my ragbrai pics

This was my first time doing a multi day bike tour. I had a good time. Here are a bunch of pictures.

GROSS tarmac

I saw this guy out on the road everyday. Im guessing he did the whole thing

fucking awesome. thanks for posting these.

oh my tarmac

So many questionable bikes never looked like they had so much fun.

I loved the purple recumbent with the mini hed, and pink king headset. I had no idea people took them that seriously.

tarck as fuck

did you see a hella matchy match surly 1x1 with a b.o.b.?

also, what days did you do? i only did sunday

sol approved?

I only remember seeing one 1x1. It was orange and some girl was riding it. We rode the whole thing. Sunday was a fun day. Super flat and fast.

[quote=Ranger Rick]

sol approved?[/quote]
hell yes minus the brifterz. i love reachin hella far to shift via downtube shifters

That titanium Merckx is perfect. The Tarmac, on the other hand…

edit: that place looks like burning man on bikes

the one i saw was oarnge and green. sunday they had the trailer to match

'bent dudes take 'bents hella serious. They’ll stab your face if you’re not watching.

Oh, right. Thanks for the correction.

i was going downhill and was being passed by a trike, one of the real low ones. it was wierd

Those things are all kinds of fast. I rode (drove?) one with a big windscreen bubble thing once. Hella aero, but homemade and a little janky. Going 40 in that thing was pretty terrifying.

I want a tandem so bad.

looks like a good time