NACCC's 2010

Is anyone else going? I’m not racing, I’m done with that. But is anyone else going at all? I wasn’t going to go but my friend just said he’s going regardless and my roommate wasn’t going to go but he just got 19th at Worlds so he’s going to go with a bunch of RVA and DC couriers. I was just wondering if any tarck kids are going to show up. So?

You can hang with me, ej and AMZ. Can’t say we’ll be going to all the events or parties, but we’ll be around.
If you want, being a cross bike. There is a Georgia cross race that Sunday morning.

i’ll be there.

Amz and I live across the street from the park it is in, I imagine we will check it out.

a bunch of friends are going.

Is anyone going to T-Town next weekend?

at least two car fulls from Toronto are goin…

still not sure if i want to make my way down, skipped Guatemala and i could use a vacation.