Hey dudes and dudettes, I have a proposition for two of ya’ll. I’ve known this guy Bill who owns Gizmo gear for the last 5-6 years and he is now the sole US distributor/importer for Gaerne shoes. I, along with others, have been pestering him for a while about making some wide/megas. Well, the people at Gaerne are giving in, but they want to have people test them out.
I need two people who wear a 45 wide for them to make a test run. You’d ride them for a few months and give them feedback. In the end, you’d probably get a free pair of shoes when they go into production.
Let me know dudes!

Damn, feet not that long or wide.

get smaller shoes plz

I’m in. Are these winter or am i just gonna roll with overshoes?

make 42 wide.
first dibs if you decide this is a real mans size and make them instead.

edit: also these shoes look damn nice, do they go for the same price as sidis?

I wear 45.5, how they fit?

i think jeremy (tracktino) wears 45 wides

jeremy garbellano on facecrack

They are priced similar to sidis and are handmade 2mi from the sidi factory. Sorry guys, they are going to do just the shoes for me to test provided I get two more people that wear the same size. Once they get our feedback. They’ll start producing a size run of them.

Make 47 wide.

[quote=Petr5]I wear 45.5, how they fit?[/quote]I wear a 45.5 in sidi and the guy said I would wear a 45 in Gaerne. I tried on a pair a few weeks ago and my toes have about 1-2mm, so fucking perfect… except the width.

Darn, I wear a 44 wide or 44.5 in regular Sidi.

I just don’t have any road pedals.

Dude! I have 45 wide feet!! Pick me pick me!!

PS pmed.

Nice. I wear some old northwaves for the wideness. Totally interested


Nice. I wear some old northwaves for the wideness. Totally interested[/quote]
me too. not wide enough!

I have a local guy here and kyle! for now. I’ll let you know if things change.