New bike day...what to do

a co-worker gave me a 1984 Peugeot PGN10 -burgundy with rainbows. the bike looks brand new. i aired up the tires and took it for a spin and everything works great. part of me want to leave it as is, but it would also make for an inexpensive conversion. i already have two conversions and a 70’s puch road bike with first generation dura-ace. help choose frenchie’s destiny…

Keep it as is or flip it on eBay.

I hate Peugeots.

Convert and make a devoted trick bike?

Weld another shitty frame on top of it and make it a tallbike.

Put a Nexus hub in it. Or sell it for some ridiculous amount on eBay. What would you do with three conversions?

You should turn it into a generator and ride it hard all day to generate a marginal ammount of electricity.

Don’t convert it. Ride it as is or sell it if you don’t want it as a geared bike and buy SS/Track specific frame.

Mount a machene gun on the top tube and go on a killing spree.

+1 :bear:

Build a set of bigass wings that flap when you pedal and take to the skies!


townie that sht out. basket, fenders, fat boy saddle, etc.

Install mechanical dildo saddle.


me like the peugeot.

do not convert or rawr…lion’s gonna getcha

i have a pgn10 and i love it. it rides killer. leave it.

Waste a ridiculous amount of time rattlecanning it and hand-detailing the lugs. Then waste a ridiculous amount of money on a track wheel set and color-coordinated anodized components. Then try to sell it on ebay for like $800 once you realize what you’ve done, and can’t bear to look at it now that it’s become nothing more than a monument to bad decision-making.

Kill Fatty

pics of pug?

Oh here’s that PSV10 I fixed up:

Sort of middle of the road for an actual race bike. Super Vitus tubing, Stronglight cranks, Malliard/Normand hubs, Mavic tubular rims, Peugeot branded shifters and derailers (made by Stronglight I think). Some cool stuff though like an almost entirely plastic needle bearing headset made by Stronglight. Personally I’d think converting a French bike is a road you don’t want to go down unless you have an English bottom bracket and 1" headtube.