ooo would fit me nicely!

I want in please. :slight_smile:

i’m logging off now
if new people reply or message me i’ll go in order they were received until we get to 25

oh fuck it, I’m out:

  • It won’t fit me.
  • My girlfriend only rides step-throughs
  • Shipping to Australia will be expensive
  • I will look like a dickhead if I win it, and then try to sell it for $20 to one of you guys
  • My luck sucks right now, so you might as well save the piece of paper.

boohoo for me :frowning:

PS it should only be for people in the first raffle. you other dudes are freeloaders.

Awesome, thanks for doing this even if I don’t win.

Edited to establish that I am most definitely in.

i’m in


Also thanks for passing along the tarck love dooktruck.

go with christ, brah.

I’m in.

count me in

Count me in please. Tarck really is about being friends.

yes please :slight_smile:

SHIT sorry I PM you twice, damn not paying attention. Well I hope I made the cut!

Ticket claimed!

I’d like to get in on this.

I’d love a spot if possible

i am confused by your list but i guess il just say that i am in again

tarck is about confusion

PM’d, I would like in on this!

one spot left for the 25 newcomers
and the other original 50
some have replied
some haven’t we’ll see what the final total is