since we all bought my wife a new frame
i’m giving back to tarck in means of her old pake frame its a 53
i’ll pay the shipping within the 48 states

so i’ve thought it over

people who joined tarckbike before the original panasonic raffle happened are eligible
so we’ll start a new list first 25 peeps to message me who joined before oct 10th
thats when the panasonic raffle happened are in the pake raffle

if you were in the original panasonic raffle and you want in you’ve got a spot…but you gotta reply in this thread or message me and claim it.

i’m leaving this list below here for the meantime so i know who was in the first raffle
i’ll update with new names and deletions
at the most it will be 75 people
drawing happens thursday night at 7pm central time
all messages should happen before 2pm on thursday 11/13 if you want in

  1. xylophonecks IN
  2. m4bandit IN
  3. NitroyPye IN
  4. deathhare IN
  5. artblur IN
  6. volthause
  7. lurk IN
  8. ryand IN
  9. johnnyraja IN
  10. felldownthewell
  11. Rusty Piton
  12. muzzy
  13. toddistic IN
  14. baravettski
  15. EuroJosh IN
  16. Anita IN
  17. zelah
  18. room203 IN
  19. anomaly
  20. ben
  21. danger_scott IN
  22. frankstoneline IN
  23. AndeeK IN
  24. tehscientist IN
  25. dmotoguy
  26. CeeGee IN
  27. darklordoflove
  28. clout IN
  29. SuperVillain IN
  30. 666pack
  31. VT Tallbike IN
  32. tepr IN
  33. Straws IN
  34. smellmypeebody IN
  35. surfimp
  36. LoReezy
  37. kotiegear IN
  38. Jabba Degrassi IN
  39. anthegreat1 IN
  40. Ackit
  41. TimArchy
  42. doofo IN
  43. ch6se
  44. fixedgnar
  45. peteis2cool4u IN
  46. stormy IN
  47. Waychel IN
  48. blickblocks IN
  49. bad news IN
  50. ternitoff IN

new people who weren’t in the panasonic raffle below
51. kphomma
52. kemmer
53. tjayk
54. scrub
55. bear vs tarck
56. toast
57. bandwidth
58. tamamade sucks for only having one post but in none the less :bear:
59. bold
60. zombies in even though his tall ass can’t ride a 53
61. phil
62. jaynev
63. chaba
64. happy robot
65. XareXjayX
66. jim
67. triplesixer
68. balonya
69. sain
70. bmwdmb1
71. guggles
72. yeaux
73. philadelph
74. daft monk
75. hsifdab

When is the drawing? I need a rain bike so I’m in. :slight_smile:
As soon as all spaces are filled or a certain day?

I’m in.

i’d love a spot

i saw the pana raffle and thought, oh cool, i’ll come back from school and send a paypal payment, but then i figured i should choose between a 2% shot at an awesome frame and a guaranteed awesome tarck hat… the hat won.

so, yea.

I want in for Mrs. Petr5. PM sent

This would be cool if it went from 1 mrs. to another mrs.

Can I get in on the raffle? I always kinda liked the pake…

i pm’d a bit ago

you’re in sorry you were the first one

Sounds cool. Count me on the inner.

At least one of my beautiful girlfriends will fit on it though.

i’m just fuckin with you


I’m afraid my ship will float away.


My hot air balloon needs ballast.


Dear Dooktruck,
I write this message now to inform you that I would indeed like to participate in the raffle of the fore-mentioned Pake frame.
Regarded sincerely, Lurk.

i’d like to participate. actually, i’d love to sign up, and hope for the best! so cool this is going down.

boo tamamade.
Your GF has a kilo already, mine has a stripped nishiki with a damaged headtube.

ppppft al of your gf’s? i have numerous girls lining up for this frame.

I’m in.