New & Interesting Bike Campenaerts

New USB Superflash has an interesting brake light feature, no videos posted yet tho.

How effective will it be in flash mode?

On the Superflash V, the V stands for velocity. This tail light has a built-in accelerometer so it can detect changes in riding speed. When braking or accelerate quickly, Velocity Variation Technology takes over and a four second burst of light alerts traffic of your change in speed

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Ah fuck is that thing still Mini USB? And here I was hoping it would be USB-C by now

edit: okay it says micro USB but the picture looks like it has a Mini-USB cable. If it’s actually micro that’s okay but now I’m not sure what it is!

I was curious and PDW offers something very similar:

Definitely a mini usb cable.

I am in the market for a new rear light so I am interested in this thread.

It has to be because it’s more rugged than micro. I have a couple of bike lights that are mini and I always have to scrounge for a cable.

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Both of my new niterider rechargeable lights are USB micro. Seems fine. The only mini charched device I have left is my TI-84 Color calculator. I tried to find a cable to charge it last week and failed after 20 minutes of searching my apartment. It will be nice once everything switches to USB C.

just as USB-D comes out…

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my garmin and two niterider lights are mini. so frustrating.

Don’t y’all just have a “charging station” with all 4 cable types? Just find an outlet and leave all the cables on a shelf next to it.

Yes but imagine how nice it would be to have one type of cable to charge all of the things, and it can be inserted either direction.

I’ve broken the charging port on too many micro USB equipped devices from trying to ham fist them in the dark and/or in a hurry.

I have a magnetic USB cable and matching lightning/micro/C adaptors in most of my devices. Just have to throw the item near the cable and it snaps on, either orientation works! Also helps avoid lightning cables that self destruct in months.

Fuck anything but USB-C for real. What a pain in the ass to have 4 or 5 cables and dongles and breakable crap.

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I’ve wreaked much charging port destruction. Love the new stuff… I was once ridiculed on the internet by someone who shall remain nameless for saying that old usb ports suck compared to this new stuff because it is so easy to mess up the older ports because they only have one correct orientation. I am salty about the exchange to this day because god damn it I was right.

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But if everything is USB c then it’s magic. We will never see this.

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i am living in this future, replaced the USB board in sups phone (because she keps falling asleep watching youtube with the cable plugged in, don’t get me started) and put in magneto-dangel-butt-plug. now one cable for all phone/tablet devices, especially great in the car (Sup is USB C i’m micro)

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oh don’t worry there’s only a dozen different incompatible cable/port/device combos that all use the same visually-identical USB-C connector for charging at several different power levels, actual USB, Thunderbolt, external PCI-E, and Displayport video

I had some micro-usb lights and never got the plug right in less than 3 tries. Then the port cover disappeared, then the clip, which I needed to move to get to the port, broke.

Also, fuck getting half way home and your lights die because you forgot to charge them. Battery or dynamo forever.

We need a tarckbear-dynamo Ouroboros logo

Is this thread for cool looking things, too? I really want a pair of these for my road bike, just not sure how well it actually holds bottles.