New motor-paced bicycle land speed record

“The drive ratio is 62:12, twice. That’s roughly 488 inches, or approximately 128 feet per revolution."

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pretty pumped on this.

Holy shit!

Curious what her power output was

I saw some it on the front of CNN on friday and figured it was some clickbait bullshit because ya know, why the fuck would cnn ever have anything about cycling and especially moderately positive.

Found out today it was real and she fucking killed it! So stoked for her.

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who knew a riv sofabike would be the perfect frame geo for a land speed record


Yeah, landspeed bikes are always the strangest things ever.
Stoked for her!

In other landspeed news, I saw a guy riding a fully faired recumbent on the Lakefront Trail the other day.
He was going about 12mph.
Kinda like the one in the middle:

some dude in south Minneapolis has one of these (“Velomobile” or something like that written on the side), each of the three times I’ve seen it in the wild, it’s been doing < 15 mph

Velomobiles came in first and second in TABR IIRC. I know a local old guy who has one and crushes.

This is so awesome.

The bike has rim brakes.

Yeah I have no doubts about how fast it could go. Just seems like a product ripe for acquisition by old bike sandal dudes.

Nailed it

HY for her

That fast on a bike sounds absolutely terrifying.

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Has anyone found video of it?

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Damn! She was hardly even spinning. But I guess the key is stability at that speed. Maybe spinning fast is too unstable.

I think spinning fast might just be impossible. The effective gear ratio was 27:1, if I did the math correctly. Article said she had to first be towed up to 100 mph to pedal at all.

I was wondering if that’s what the cords in the video were for.

It must be unnerving to get dropped by the pace car and suddenly have a ton of wind.