new rolf track wheels

link for p-track wheel cuz missing from blog post:

i don’t race track, but these look nice-ish.

what i gotta lol at is a 130 spaced, 14-front, 16-spoke rear, flip flop wheelset. for “town/single speed use”.


There are so many things wrong with these.

i <3 my front rolf wheel. bladed spokes, deep section rims, suuuuper strong omg

internal spoke nipples? fuck that.

130mm? what market are they reaching out to there?

i’m glad to see more people enter the track wheelset market, but this contribution is irrelevant.

more like rofl


I rock them.

I had a set of original Vector pros (the ones with the DT swiss HUGI) and they were probably some of the best wheels I’ve ever owned. In the 7 years that i owned and raced them, I never had them go out of true and only broke one spoke on the rear.

I’m not sure why I posted this since this rolf isn’t the same company as that rolf.

In fact fuck that… the 14 spoke front pro wasn’t even crash tested and hence illegal for USCF racing. Why the fuck would they market it as a street wheel.


How much do they weigh? Will they be available tubular? 130mm rear with freewheel threads = good for SSCX.

List price on these piles of shit is $699.

Fuck Rolf.

Put these on a belt-driven Trek.

On these notes Reynolds’ on bonktown. The writeup seems moderately hilarious.

Reynolds Recon Track Wheelset:

Perfect for that sick Schwinn Varsity fix gear conversion, the Reynolds Recon Track Wheelset will round out your build with speed and impeccable style. Seriously man, with all the money earned from selling off Simplex derailleurs and Weinmann brakes there’s no reason to skimp out on the spinners. But, on the other hand, if you’re into Velodrome racing the Recon could also lay down some fast pursuit times, and drop the competition during a sprint.

* Lightweight and aerodynamic carbon rim for lighting fast acceleration
* Bolt on 15mm axle so you can finally use that sweet bottle opener/wrench combo
* Rim Strips, valve extensions, tire levers, and spoke wrench included for ease of installation

Made for yo 130 spaced Leader TT frame. Sweet.

Dean Tracy rides Rolf Prima wheels, … some new unreleased track wheels that are supposed to be nice. I hear they use those stupid splined cogs though. His were designed especially for him I guess to ride on this year to test them. My friend might be getting them as hand me downs, since she rides for landrover orbea. But this really ahs nothing to do with those shitty p-town wheels up there.

I have a rolf wheel but its one of the ones that came stock on a trek. It’s a comp, so I think 18 spokes (if i’m wrong i’ll feel pretty stupid)… but doug had one of the pros hat was 14 spokes. I dont think he used that one long but ive ridden the 18 spoke quite a while and a lot of miles without it going out of true or needing any maintenance at all. I imagine the braking surface is wearing down but that’s about it. It was a good use of $35 or $45 whatever it was that i paid for it.

All Rolf wheels suck, regardless of what some domestic pro with the Land Rover team uses.

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The hubs are White, the rims are nice and they are laced down the street from me. The P-Town is available in 120 spacing if you want. Rolf post-Trek is a different product. The P-Town is there fixed/ single road clincher, the Vigor is a clincher aluminum and the Carbon58 is a carbon tubular.

you’re grammar sucks