New Tarck stickers

I need more, I stuck them all


What kind of ideas do we have
Classic ones include:
Clear large tarck colored “tarck”
White die cut “tarck”
Clear salsa stem “tarck”
White die cut bear trash can
Limited edition black metal “team of experts”
Rounded rectangle “cultivate dignity”

My fave are the larger size with the clear background



I do like the classic tarck with white bg. Perfect world we’d have a sticker pack. I’m capable and willing the come up with new designs as well


IIRC 100 stickers is about $60

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When I did the RAD stickers with Sticker Robot, it was $136 for 500.

The top tarck is the large clear
Middle is the salsa stem
Obv the limited edition team of experts seat tube
Lower is the “rad” tarck

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I believe the lower is clear

The clear stickers are nice for bikes and such, I kinda wish they were a little smaller. The white outline stickers I like for other random placements

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i will custom cut any single color, preferably single object stickers. i’ll take a long time to do it and ship but you’ll also get a picture my my kid supervising the machine

edit: one offs are 100% welcome just gimme an svg and a preferred color and i’ll give you probably some other color depending on what’s in stock

If anyone wants a svg of the littler bear&trashcan, here one is:

(drawn, camera obscura-style, over Mig’s picture of the littler bear&trashcan sticker)


We need a front facing bear for headtube. Let me see what I can do


Would be interested in this as a print to be framed. Or a chest piece. Either way


Whatever y’all decide on, I’ll take some.

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if it’s 1 color 1 piece, i’m taking orders. otherwise someone has to help me figure out how to do multi layer/color stickers on a laser cutter. which i’m 100% down for

was messing around, don’t love it as is
head empy


Instead of twirly maybe this?