NIBZ 2019

Anyone going to Sacramento? I’ll be there Thursday-Sunday.

Poast pix

Ask calfee if they’ll modify carbon road forks with straight straight steerers for disc and or rando racks

Pix will definitely be takin and the ears of builders will be talked off.

Also come by Portland on your way back


Get out

yeah man.

Cool, if you want to find me I’ll be the 30ish year old white dude wearing some sort of bike brand t-shirt.


cool i’ll be the guy with the patchy beard and a mission workshop backpack.


Jesus you guys could be literally anyone there and everyone there at the same time.

If anyone wants to do a blog post with pics and hot takes it would rustle my jimmies.


is projectpubesmobile gonna be ready in time?


Yeah I could could put something together, I definitely have the free time now.

Gotcha, I’ll go up to everyone matching that description and whisper “chevy lumina” in their ear.

But seriously, a few years ago at a cross race Jacques was looking for me to give me his jacket on the start line. When he couldn’t find me he asked someone if they could take it and give it to me. Dude was like “sure, what’s your friend look like?” and Jacques said “He’s a uh tallish white dude wearing a puffy jacket”. Dude looked around, stared back at Jacques and said “You’re going to have to be a lot more specific”.


I’ll send you a blog invite to the email you have on file with tarck llc.

boy i sure hope so. worst case scenario, i take all the components i have and hang them on a karate monkey. #musa

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Didn’t he finish it up last week and send it out?

pretty sure its still at cole coatings for paint. hopefully done today.

i have all the paul shit. waiting on wheels from i9. and frame bags from alpine luddite and porcelain rocket. we gettin there.

Arent you essentially doxxing yourself at NIBZ 19 with the mobile?

“Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it." “But a kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it.” :kissing_heart:

yes and no. but mostly yes. its fine. everything is fine.


He’s going to be walking around in one of the suits from somebody that got voted off masked singer.