nishiki linear: whats the deal

So I’ve got this 86 linear. built up and all. had it for a short time as a single speed and just recently affixed some random campy 8 speed stuff to it. I was wondering if anyone thinks/knows if this bike is really worth keeping. I know its on the rarer side of frames and i went through a decent amount of trouble to build up a front wheel for it. its a great ride etc. what would a bike like this go for, i have only seen a few around the net. its even got an after market paint job that truly surpasses that interesting 80’s thing, or motif it had originally. Thoughts? thanks in advance.

prob no more than 200 as f/f/hs/front wheel, it’s interesting but useless.

There is a linear f/f/hs/front wheel hanging up in our bike coop.
Someone hacked the derailer hanger off of it and now it’s ruined :colbert:

I’d still ride that shit for $200 if it was my size though and not hacked up.

edit: by aftermarket paint job, do you mean professional or rattlecan
(sup philly)

i had a friend that picked one up for $80 in it’s original form with mavic bullhorns.

i think he converted it to fixed, threw risers on it and sold it immediately for $250

outside of it being a novelty, i can’t really see any reason to own one.

I think they’re cool as hell.
Guy I work with has this one:

It’s a super fun ride with risers and thumb shifters.

haha, does that sticker say “Ride Street”

interestingly, nishiki had two funnybike models… i have an aluminum framed, non triple triangle one.

What an ugly frame.

It’s hideous.
I love it.

If it were all neon and chromey and shit, with deep rims, maybe.

there’s absolutely no reason i need this but i kind of want it. stupid.

i rode one once. fucking thing sucked. i felt like i was about to fellate myself. then again, the guy did put drops on it.

i wouldn’t get one. coz 24" wheels.

Its in fine condition. The paint is no rattle can job, its one of those multi layered things. like the guy spit black grey and white paint at the bike till every spot was covered you know? Someone said its an older method, huffy used to use or something. It makes the bike much more aesthetically pleasing.

The 24" wheel was a pain to get together. I dont know why I pursued it as i did. but hey

That seatpost is killing me. Are you compensating for the reach or the seat tube angle?

These bikes aren’t too rare as you can see. They’re probably one of the most produced 80’s TT frames. I’ve never ridden one in my size so I don’t know how they feel. I did get edged out in a race by a guy on one though, so I suppose they can’t be horrible.

I bought one of these but it had a crease in the down tube from a crash that I didn’t notice. I returned it promptly for a full refund, but I was really sad about it. I was excited as hell to have a really stupid bike. I never even got to ride it cause it was all rainy and I didn’t want to ruin my chances of getting my money back by getting at all wet and dirty.

I paid like 125, it was converted to fixed, suicide hub, pedals with no clips, no braks. I felt like it was a killer deal till I noticed the damage.

protip: never buy a bike with no clips or braks. it’s been crashed.

heh, good point.

The post was on the bike when i got it. I just havent gotten around to putting a normal post on there. It does give the bike a more interesting ride to say the least.

wtf build?1?
looks like a fun novelty bike