Norco Avanti SL... what should I do?

I have an old Norco Avanti SL that’s been sitting in my basement for a while. The frame has pretty decent lug work, Ishiwata EX triple butted tubes, 6-spd Suntour/Dia-Compe mix components, Sugino No.6 crank, Araya 27" rims/Suzue hubset. What should I do with it?

Option A: Leave it as is. Use it once or twice every year until I either sell it or learn to appreciate it.

Option B: Rebuild with 9spd Ultegra drivetrain, 700c wheelset, fenders, racks, etc. Use it more often for touring, camping.

Option C: ?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I’d go with either B or convert it. When I say convert it I mean with two brakes, road or maybe moustache bars, fenders all that stuff.

ride it how it is fucker. i’m only for upgrading whatever is necessary for function and comfort - tires, seat, pedals, bars… that bike is sweet how it is. save 9 spd ultegra for your race bike.

that chainring looks FAST

like an aerospoke

The outer chain ring is a dead give away that it needs to be sold.

I have a race bike and I have 9spd parts kicking around that are not seeing any road time, just like this bike. I’ve been using my CX bike as a touring rig, but I’m likely getting rid of it soon. So all said, I’ll be in need of a touring frame more than anything else. And since I’m not riding the Norco much as is, I suspect I would more often if I built it up as a tourer.

If I were to sell it, I would do so in hopes of picking up a steel touring frame. What would you suggest is a fair price for it?

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