Not another bike pile purge thread

Clearing some room before sup wife and I acquire a new house. I’ll keep posting as I get through my messes.

Bridgestone T 500
Was my college bike, and I’ve held onto it for years even though it’s too small. I had the rear canti mounts moved to spec for 700c, then returned it to the wall to hang as it has for many years. Original fork was tweaked when I got it, so it has a replacement, though the original will be going with it. $100+ship?
Size: 57 square


Surly Straggler 60 cm, frame, seat clamp and headset. Was my setup for a Clydesdale build, but after inheriting Rustys extra cycle kit it’s been sitting unused. A few scratches from lockup but no dings or dents. Keeping the Clydesdale fork for future dithering.

$200+ship? Accepting all reasonable offers on everything I’m listing.

I really want to hang that straggler on the wall if my dungeon, but maybe someone else would actually build/ride it?


I really don’t need more projects right now but I feel like that would make a good base for a cycletruck conversion.


It was, rode really well tbh

I was thinking this style since I have the ability to fab it.

Would be nice for dog portaging in the summer.

Tricky part is storing it because the garage is full of tools and shed is small.


I need to make one of those


If you don’t care about weight just use like 1/8” mild steel and the metal hot glue gun. Get your framebuildeur to extend a bmx fork steerer and machine the headtube extension.

That’s my plan, except for the machining. I think I can do the whole thing with an angle grinder and a mig.

I did a steerer extension a little while ago for someone. I tigged it but you could probably mig it (not fluxcore tho) since the weld gets ground down anyways and it’s relatively thick material. I just copied the technique Brodie used in one of his YouTube videos.

I was planning on sleeving it and gluing it together at the butt and a couple rosettes for some overkill.

I’ve got a frame, fork and wheels. Just no gas or time.

Exactly how I did it. Rosettes to hold the sleeve in position and weld the butt with a healthy V for penetration.

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IIRC one of the secrets of the cycletruck conversion kits was the bulk purchase of 9/8" threaded recumbent forks, which got their steerers chopped and extended


That’s what I did on my old one I donated to bikes for the world before moving to WA

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Anyone want to keep the fixie dream alive? Sugino RD2 in 170 sizeways, 48t stainless steel surly ring and the og sugino square taper bb. $50+ship?