at 20 bones it cant hurt to try, should be able to pass it off on cl if it sucks

I think that looks like a pseudo-messenger bag. It doesn’t even have a cross-strap to stabilize the load.

You won’t like walking around/skating/riding the bus with a mess bag. They’re great on a bike, but get uncomfortable walking/standing if you’ve got any sort of load in it. If you want a mess bag because they look cool get a cool one that’s well made, not some shitty knock off that looks like a shitty knockoff trying to look cool. Cuz then girls will laugh at you.


http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/ca ... senger+Bag

yes, posenger, whatever. but it’s got all the neat stuff i’m looking for in a bag. i’d like to take up skating again and plan on riding the bus alot this summer (maybe to the new massive fucking skatepark downtown) so a massive bag to hold skates/helmet/shoes/anything else i can think of would be great.

anyone pick one of these up? it’s only 20 bucks now.[/quote]

Don’t do it. Those Urban bags are cheap crap and are generally uncomfortable as hell. They’ll slip around a lot while you’re riding without that stabalizing strap. You’ve got $20 now, just save up another $25 and get that discount. Then again, get this crap bag an I’ll use your discount.

Oh and have you been to the skatepark yet? I was there opening day and was somewhat impressed because I never really saw a public use Houston park happening. Too bad I don’t skate anymore.

they lie about the material too, barely any imported stuff is made with actual cordura when it is the price shows it. gauranteed crap buy one becuase you want to help build more landfills

i just remembered my manager has a timbuk2 she got for free. i’ll try to trade her some burned cd’s for it.

“Cab Dodger”? Bleh.

yea i figured it was just some fashion bag from urban outfitters but it’d be nice to get a decent bag for cheap.

i do love their jeans for skating.

It says it has a stabilizer strap in the description. It doesn’t look great. The only issue I see is the strap being shitty and cutting into your shoulder. I’d suggest a backpack or something, though. With those bungee things on the outside so you could put a helmet and whatnot in there.

all the skate backpack’s ive owned fell to shit. i was looking towards simplicity.

unless there’s another good cheap bag someone could recommend out there?


[quote=“tx_what_it_do”]all the skate backpack’s ive owned fell to shit. i was looking towards simplicity.

unless there’s another good cheap bag someone could recommend out there?[/quote]

Buy DaKine backpacks. They own all.

we sell dakine as well. so badass.

but anyway i ended up getting a free timbuk2 commuter laptop messenger, size large.

i feel bad just taking a 90 dollar bag for free so i’m burning my manager a cd.

she got it for free from some brand rep. brunton compasses, it has it on the main flap.

but kemmer bags are shit, whyfor do people want shit to wear on their bodies, it smells

my kemmer bag is actually holding up pretty well through it’s second owner right now. the webbing is a bit frayed but it’s definitely held up far longer than i thought it would, seeing as i paid 30 bones for it.
it also was generally pretty comfortable, unless i was trying to carry way more than i should have been.