Of Bones and Boners: Cycling and its Side Effects

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Cyclists are no strangers to breaks and fractures, but Andrew Coggan could be forgiven for not expecting a hip fracture from a bike crash at age 30. He may have been less surprised than most of his peers though, having recently been diagnosed with low bone density.

For many cyclists, an injury like Coggan’s is the first sign that bones are not as strong as they should be. Although cyclists are known for staying on top of their training heart rate zones and pedal cadence, increasing research suggests they should also pay attention to their risk of thinning bones.

So take some calcium and jump around a little?

My bones are fucked. I spent 6 years as a vegan without paying any attention to my calcium intake.

actually, unless you were a junk food vegan, your bones are probably in really good shape. lots of vegans foods are really high in calcium and they are more bioavailable to your body than other calcium sources.

I eat a lot of cheese and ice cream so I should be good.

soon breathing will be ‘bad for you’

ice cream is pretty bad for you.


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But it’s so, soooo good… Elliott Smith subsisted on ice cream almost exclusively for like a year, so it can’t be that bad, can it?

Weight lifting plus drinking lots of milk. Am I to assume this works? Cause thats what I’ve been doing and my bones have felt really dense lately.

You can feel the density of your bones?

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Having only broken a bone once in my life (and it was only a fracture at that) I feel pretty comfortable with my bone density, considering the bashing my body has taken between playing hockey, skateboarding and snowboarding for a number of years.

But it’s so, soooo good… Elliott Smith subsisted on ice cream almost exclusively for like a year, so it can’t be that bad, can it?[/quote]
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just take calcium. never broken a bone. should have dozens of times. I <3 vitamins.

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The thing about supplements is the issue of how much of a given nutrient is in the pill vs. how much your body will actually absorb. I usually try to get as much my vitamins and minerals from foods as possible.

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