Official remember that time Blazedelf was talking about that thing that one time but can't find the thread, thread.

Tarck doesn’t google so well any more – only gives you results if keywords are on the first page of the thread. What was the industrial yellow tape that was supposed to the the same as Stan’s?

Aha, seems like the same kind of stuff as this at $8.91/60yd: and I’ve already got a list of stuff I need from McMaster.


I emailed the Tesa distro in Australia asking if they could sell me a few rolls of Tesa 4289 instead of having to buy 72 rolls or whatever the minimum is. The guy told me that they’d have to order from o/s etc so no I couldn’t.

Buuuuut, he reckoned Tesa 4298 was pretty much exactly the same tape as 4289 (just ivory instead of yellow) and is more readily available. Unfortunately I haven’t gone near the store in my area that sells it so can’t confirm. So yeah, cool story, I suppose.

3m Scotch 8898 maybe 8896 or 860.

860 is the light duty stuff. Could probably find it at any office supply. Basically a tensilized polypropylene strapping tape without any kind of reinforcement or filament.

Unline carries 4298. But in 19mm or 25mm. Ordered a few rolls to check out. Will report findings.

as far as I can tell from the internets, 4289 has somewhat higher tensile strength than 4298. I got a roll of the McMaster stuff I linked to, pretty sure it’s 4298.

Fred, remember that time you were saying that FSA carbon 32mmm setback seatpost didn’t really have that much setback?
you’re full of shit.
I finally measured from a centerline of the post to the front of the supporting rails.
FSA was like 19-20ish mm
Dura Ace setback was like 2mm
Truvative listed as 25mm setback was like 4mm

that thing has a shitload of setback, dude.


I was measuring the current model that has a superwide weenie clamp:

Do you have one from several years ago with a heavier but way more functional clamp?:

I knew there had to be something, cause I thought it had a ton of setback too before I got to measuring and got all dissapointed

yeah, I have the old one. it is a fuckton of setback.


if you ever wanna sell it, I’m your huckleberry

We have one minus clamp hardware at my old shop. Keep wanting to take it even though its basically useless.

Wouldn’t be surprised if the posts are the same and the hardware can be switched.

I wouldn’t be either except I’m not about to cost me or the shop $$ unless we can figure it out for sure.

am pretty sure of this

Old style one just went up and is listed wrong/cheap $60

Is that what that light was? I was kinda curious but not enough to ask since your dynamo light want on. Thing was definitely visible even in full sun.

[quote=match avatar][quote=bradencbc]Ritchey, Coda, Specialized, and Bontrager all used DT at various times. Seen them both pop on ebay. Shop bro scored a Ritchey one with 240 internals for less than wholesale on a 350.

Set of DT Coda hubs to 28 hole bullcrap mavic rims for $175


have a lathebro turn off the useless rotor mount points if they bother you, enjoy $15 DT ratchet hub[/quote]

These are up to $64 now. Glad I impulse bought one at $15.