Old but utterly awesome NYT article about ultra-endurance cyclist Jure Robic

He presses the accelerator, weaving through drivers made timid by the fog. ‘‘This will be good for me,’’ he adds, his voice growing louder. ‘‘I am older now, but I have the feeling that I am stronger than ever before. Now I am reaching where there is nothing that is too hard for my body because my mind is hard. Nothing!’’

dude is a nutter

Tarckbear and Tom are fucking with this guy. :colbert:

watch ‘bicycle dreams’ about the race accross america. although a local guy doing it died during the race so it’s kinda hard for me to watch


That was a great article, read it a couple days ago and have thought about it a number of time since. The best part are the hallucinations, like when he thinks woodland creatures are coming to eat him, and his team mates just agree and tell him to ride faster… !

This is really good. I often times wonder if it is good to let your insecurities be your drive. I think many people are motivated this way. But I think we should do things because we love doing it, and not because we feel like sacks of shit and need to prove something.

you should listen to the “limits” radiolab at wnyc.org from a few weeks ago. has a lengthy piece about him/raam

If we only did what we loved, not a lot would get done. On top of that, sometimes the process to achieve something you love, might not be something to love. Like winning RAAM, I bet he loves winning RAAM, but racing it…