Opinions needed for a commuter

I commute on my tarck bike when the weather is nice, but I am thinking about buying a dedicated commuter. The commute is 25km one way. I am open to suggestions. Can be fixed or with gears but want: sealed bottom bracket/sealed hubs/something that fits fenders. The option of converting an old road bike will not work here because I live in Japan and finding a bike to convert is not happening. Also a complete bike is prefered because the spare parts I have are all keirin stuff.
Suggestions? :colbert:

surly steamroller

There are tons,

Swobo Del Norte

Redline 925

Bianchi San Jose SS Cross that easily doubles as a commuter)

Those three are all within the 600-800 US$ price range…not too sure about availability in Japan, but something to start with.

Surly crosscheck is favored over in bikeforums commuter subforum. Bikesdirect has one, needs fenders to officially be a commuter though.

I was going to make a post like that above, but then I realized that I have no idea what’s available in Japan and for how much.

Seriously though, if you can get a San Jose, just do that. You can’t go wrong with one of those.

i’d go with the redline if it’s an option. flipflop, 2 brakes, and full fenders out the box

Rad bikes, no fender mounts though.

Thanks for the options.
Not available here in Japan: 925/San Jose/Del Norte
As for the Redline, it seems they will not sell it online. Haven’t checked on the San Jose for places that will ship.
Locally available: Crosscheck (roughly $1250)/Steamroller (roughly $1080)
Crosscheck seems nice so far. Steamroller + clip on fenders might be cool, but there is no way I am paying $1080 for a Steamroller…but I see places online that will ship it.

Rad bikes, no fender mounts though.[/quote]
i meant the crosscheck. my bad.

Surly Crosscheck, no doubts.

I did a 130 mile loaded tour on mine, it’s held up fine. 130 miles off road with 65lbs of gear is a pretty solid test.

My commuter is a singlespeed Cross Check.

Salsa does a Casseroll complete that looks quite nice. The Kona Paddy Wagon is also fender-friendly.


IRO Rob Roy, with fenders.

If you want serious cargo capacity, the Surly Long Haul Trucker complete is also a nice choice.

Don’t forget to drill a BB shell drain hole and treat with framesaver. Also, a few coats of wax on the frame will make dirt wipe off a whole lot easier.

True. One of the best value stock bikes going right now. It handles a bit like a barge, but for a touring bike that’s perfect.

Another vote for the Surly Cross Check. I have one setup with fixed gear, 700x37 Conti Travel Contact tires, and Planet Bike Hardcore fenders for the rainy season. Thinking about an OMM rack at some point, but not sure. My daily rider, I love it. So versatile, can be almost anything you want.