organizing bike polo.

for the very least it would be the summer. I made a facebook group about it, since i know a lot of people are on there. also on facebook is the bike collective, which is downtown, probably where i’d hold the bike polo. should i try to talk to them to see if they can help. and another idea i had was there’s a bike shop that organizes rides, maybe hitting them up to see if they’re interested. or better yet, giving me a good person to talk to to try to get it off the ground.

I made a thread similar to this but I’m sure its buried and gone at this point. There are definitely some people around that can help you way more than I can but I’ll get this ish started. I would definitely try to team up with the collective and that shop. The more people involved the better because that means less stress on you and a wider base you can get people from. Finding a good spot to play is key: you need a way to keep the ball in play (curbs, walls, whatever) and a place that is readily accessible to you and you’re not going to get kicked out.

Do it yourself.
Start advertising and getting your friends into it, Make 6+ mallets, get a street hockey ball and some cones.
Don’t pass the buck to someone else. You want it to happen, you do it.

there are currently 4 of us that play in indy. but it’s a shit ton of fun. that’s all i have to say.

I do polo.

we just had the first succesful polo game last friday… it was made successfull through setting a firm time, day & place … one person had 8 mallets, and promoted through the local fixed forum

Yo snails where you from in Socal? I’ve been tryin to get games started for awhile

i’m in san luis obispo, not quite southern california

but its definitely worth getting started

Ah misinterpreted slo, cal, my bad lulz

damn, there’s no even a fixed forum for where i’m at. i have some ground work to do once i get back.

how many people do you know that would play? make some cheap mallets and gather some people yourself to start. make a set time each week. once you can do that it should be a lot easier to expand. flyers are always good, but wherever you actually put the flyers it’s best that there is someone there that you have talked to.

i somehow forgot about bikeiowa. tons of bikers on there. going to see what the interest is like that. and when i get back home, i’ll ride around down town try and talk to some people and post flyers. i guess the only thing i can do now is try and get a flyer design and use the internet to try and get people interested. maybe do mallets now

I’m moving to Indy in two weeks, I want to play. I’ll find one more person.

mallets are essential and easy/cheap to make if you have the right tools (basically, cordless drill + hacksaw). if you think there are enough interested people in the area all you have to do is let them know, make at least 6 mallets, and show up with a hockey ball. the rest will be history.

(whisper voice) If you build it they will come! (/creapy voice). I started the polo here in my town by building mallets and talking to a few bike friends to see if they would want to play. I made up a ghetto flyer and posted it on the webs and even on the local CL. Posting it in the local bike shops would be a good idea too. The problem is many bike shop employees would love to try it out, but are always working when you would probably be playing. I picked Sundays as the day and we still play the same day and time now a year and half later. The venue has changed for the better three times, but the time hasn’t.

cl, thank you. didn’t think of that. i guess i thought my fliers had to look professionally done. i guess just get the info down on it and be good.

Do you have a space yet? All the mallets in the world won’t do you a lick of good without a place to play.