Over-sized Track Drops

Any suggestions besides Deda Pistas? I think they’re a bit on the wide side…

in 40cm.

I’m so into those IRDs… if only they weren’t such an unnecessary overpriced piece of bling…

Soma used to make some. I think they were called Gonzos.

Oversized means 31.8 stem clamp, not “very big bars.”

I believe the Velocita also come in 40cm.

Oversized means 31.8 stem clamp, not “very big bars.”[/quote]

I know it was a joke.

Deda Pistas - the alu ones - are very stiff bars. pleasing, and pretty damn light - they came stock on my Felt TK2. unfortunately, I’m small, and those bars are huge.

Bar fit is one of the things that people don’t always consider when thinking about fitting on their bike, but it’s important. too much reach, drop, and width can make for a pretty uncomfortable ride.

3 race days confirmed what i already knew, that those Dedas were too big for me. I replaced them with B125s.

+1!!! I recently got a fitting done with a track mechanic. I never really considered the relation of stem length, stem drop and bar drop. Basically I ended up with a Deda pista stem because I wanted the Deda pista bars. I went with a 120mm stem based on my top tube length and what I thought was my “ideal” cockpit length, based on a “fit kit” fitting I had done on a road bike a year ago.
When he looked at my set up he knew what my problem was right away. I apparently was blinded by the fact that I had just paid $175 for that stem!!! He said to me if I wanted to run those “deep” drops I would need a shorter stem and less stem drop… I ended up leaving with a 100mm Deda road stem and the fit is really comfortable… I also could of gone with a slightly longer stem and a set of road drops…

Soma is coming out with some track bars that look oversized.

http://somafab.blogspot.com/2008/06/som ... aight.html

well it says 31.8MM OS right on the picture…

Oh, I hadn’t noticed that.