painting frames

i know you can pay $$$$$$ for powdercoating but im more into the uh…diy approach(CHEAP)
i know that a friend of mine who works at a bike shop spray painted his frame
does it work? is it good? what are the techniques?
or are there any other ways?


theres also a “rattlecan gallery” thread somewhere.

i dont have a chrome frame, but im guessing its the same kinda technique to get the paint off thats already on?

yeah i dont know why anyone would want to paint a chrome frame. . . i went into detail there about how i painted my bike though.

haha yeah i kinda wish i had a chrome frame…this fuji track 08 paint job was cool at first but now its kinda just annoying

If the current paint isn’t really chipped you can bet a canned paint job is going to look much shittier within a couple of months no matter how much you dislike the scheme.

^ this is true.

if i didnt take extra care to not let anything touch my frame, it would look horrible.

if your current paint is in good shape and you really want to repaint it, you might be able to get away with just scuffing or sanding the frame with 320, priming, and paint. no stripping. im doing that with a black huffy cruiser right now that a friend wants yellow/seafoam green

you could also see what motorcycle or auto body shops would charge since youd get better paint that way. ask if they would hang your frame in the booth when they’re going to be spraying something the color you want.

i got mine painted with the same paint that went on a sheriff’s car. 30 bucks :confused:

it takes a good amount of work and patience to spray paint a frame yourself, and if you don’t have any supplies (paint, tape, stripper, mineral oil, sand paper, clear coat) it may be cheaper to have it done at a shop. more than likely it will look better too if you have a pro do it. or at least someone who gets paid to paint in a decent facility.

the paint is getting scratched off because i lean it against a metal pole everyday at work and i suppose people bump it so it slides down and scratches off paint
but i assume that this would happen with any type of paint?

not powder coating, that shit will last.

i would do that but i dont have the time, my bike is really my own mode of transportation, nor the money

i know i went for the automotive and i suffer the heavy chipping that has begun. i may buff it all and keep it buffed, that would look fugged as ruck.

like went to a place that paints cars? how much did that cost?

30 bucks.

hmm non of these options look good haha

Then do what you’ve wanted since the beginning, and spraypaint your frame in order to have a “punk” looking beat-up looking piece of shit bike.