Panaracer Tourer

Looks like a new color came out and I am definitely feeling this ivory

Shit gets dirty.
I don’t understand white rubber.

A 23mm “tourer” tire?

They look sweet though.

[quote=“tarckeemoon”]A 23mm “tourer” tire?

They look sweet though.[/quote]

i was talking to my buddies dad and he says he tours on like 19s or something like that (this guy is also like 60, toured US and Europe and owns two kayaking magazines in Sea) so he’s outdoorsy and not ignorant.

Also comes in a 26c that is probably going on my Crosscheck :bear:

Let us know how the color holds up. They look nice, but I share RP’s doubts about white tires.

I’m rockin white tires right now with not many miles on them. Rubino Pros but they have a black strip down the center. So far so good, but then again my bike is off white / cream colored so if they get dirty, no biggy.